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Introduce AI in your daily work!
Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become hot topics in today’s society and they are increasingly becoming a common aspect of our business and everyday life. Expectations are high on what these fast changing technologies can be used for. Many ask "How can I apply AI in daily routines, organizational work and business development"?

Chalmers University of Technology now develops short courses for professionals making knowledge within Data Science and AI at the University readily accessable to a broader audience. The first two courses where you can learn about related topics in Data Science and AI are now open for registration.

The courses are open to employees in both public and private sector organizations and will be taught in English, but on-line material will have Swedish subtitles.
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Introduction to Data Science and AI
In this course you will through lectures, hands-on exercises and discussions encounter an introduction to Data Science and AI and learn about fundamental concepts and methods. We will help you start thinking about how Data Science and AI can be used in your own organization and after completing the course you will be able to choose and combine different methods to solve business problems.
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Ethical Considerations in AI
In this course you will learn how to think systematically about the eth­ics of new technologies, including the identification of stakeholders and balancing risks vs. benefits. The focus will be on ethical aspects in the design, dis­semination and application of digital and AI technologies, including, but not limit­ed to fairness vs. bias, transparency vs. opacity, accountability, human autonomy, privacy and integrity.

After completing the course, you will have a basic understanding of ethical considerations in connection to digitalization and AI and you will be able to make basic ethical considerations in use of AI in your daily work.
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