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Newsletter: INSIDAN, 2 June 2022
Prizes and awarded grants
Astronomer receives prestigious prize
Lennart Lindegren, post-retirement professor at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, has been awarded the Shaw Prize in Astronomy 2022 for his role in the European Space Agency’s Hipparcos and Gaia projects.
Read more about the prize (shawprize.org)
Biologist elected to the Young Academy of Sweden
Andreas Nord, researcher at the Department of Biology, has been elected to the Young Academy of Sweden. Over the next five years, he will work to inspire young people to carry out important, high-quality research.
Read the news item at the Young Academy of Sweden’s website
Donation to support the University’s geological research
Geology researchers at Lund University will soon be able to apply for funding from the Stig M. and Birgitta Bergström Foundation for Geological Research, which has allocated SEK 8 million for projects, travel and presentations at scientific conferences. Anders Scherstén, head of the Department of Geology, says that the donation will be an important source of funding for traditional geological research that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.
Apply for grants and scholarships
Apply for the University’s funding for thematic collaboration initiatives 2023–2025
The Lund University External Engagement Council has announced a call for applications concerning funding for up to four thematic collaboration initiatives starting in January 2023. Thematic collaboration initiatives should be cross-disciplinary and include at least three faculties and at least one external partner. Grants will be made of up SEK 1 million per year for three years. The application deadline is 23 September.
Read more and apply for funding for thematic collaboration initiatives (staff.lu.se)
Apply for funding for Future Innovations
Do you have an idea that could become a new product, service or way of working? Together with Sparbanken Skåne, LU Innovation is giving out SEK 500,000 for future innovations. The application deadline is 10 August.
Read more and apply for funding for Future Innovations (innovation.lu.se)
Apply for the STINT Teaching Sabbatical programme
Lund University has the opportunity to nominate three candidates for the programme STINT Teaching Sabbatical. The programme is an opportunity for researchers and teaching staff who are passionate about education issues to spend an autumn semester at one of the STINT partner universities. Please note that Lund University has an internal nomination process. Nominations within the Faculty of Science are to be sent to Marie Brink (marie.brink@science.lu.se) by 11 August at the latest. The nomination must consist of a completed nomination form (see below) and CV (max 4 pages in PDF format) – all written in English.
Find more calls for applications in Research Professional
The Research Professional database contains both national and international calls for applications. Log in using your University account (Lucat ID).
Log in to Research Professional
Support for online teaching
Theme: Blended learning
The digital transition has brought many benefits. The question we face as a higher education institution is: what lessons from the pandemic do we want to bring into our organisation permanently, and how do we best do this? There is ample support in the literature that blended learning (alternating between online and on-campus teaching for an entire course) can help to improve the quality of education, increase accessibility and facilitate wider recruitment. On the university's website Teaching and learning online, you will find tips and articles about blended learning.
Courses and workshops about teaching online
A selection of upcoming courses and workshops:
See all upcoming courses and workshops
What's on
Lectures by candidates who have applied for the faculty’s associate senior lectureships, 7-9 June
Last year, the faculty advertised up to four associate senior lectureships. Candidates must deliver a lecture as part of the recruitment process. These will be held 7-9 June and are open for all employees at the faculty.
See the lecture schedule (PDF)
Activities in view of applying for an ERC Synergy Grant, 15 June and 27-28 June
Research Services invites you to the following activities intended for researchers planning to apply for an ERC Synergy Grant.
Symposium: Cancer, Multicellularity, and Complex Systems, 5-7 September
Lund University and the Royal Physiographic Society invite you to:
  • A popular science lecture and panel discussion on the opportunities and risks of interdisciplinary research, with a focus on cancer and the evolution of multicellular life. Time and place: 5 September from 15:00 to 18:00, in the Main University Building auditorium.
  • Symposium: “Cancer, Multicellularity, and Complex Systems”, aimed specifically at early-career researchers, bringing together experts in fields such as evolutionary biology, stem cell biology, physics, geobiology and virology. Time and place: 6-7 September at the Grand Hotel, Lund.
Read more and sign up for the event (invajor.com)
Staff in the Swedish media
Lund researcher solves 30-year-old genetic puzzle about how plants react to touch 
Olivier Van Aken, senior lecturer at the Department of Biology, has been interviewed in several media outlets about a new study that shows what happens in plants when they are exposed to mechanical stimulation in the form of human touch, wind and rain, for example.
Research on the search for non-toxic tick repellent
Dan-Dan Zhang, researcher at the Department of Biology, has been interviewed about a new project that is on the search for an environmentally friendly, plant-based repellent against ticks.
Professor interviewed about Stockholm's climate goals
Markku Rummukainen, professor at the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science and the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, has been interviewed about the City of Stockholm’s climate goals and how we can limit global heating.
Distinguished society plays an important role for early-career researchers
Emma Kritzberg, professor at the Department of Biology, has been interviewed about the role the Royal Physiographic Society plays for early-career researchers at Lund University. “A small grant can make a big difference to an early-career researcher. I got the chance to travel and buy measuring instruments that way,” she says.
Biologists took part in radio programme about bird song
Susanne Åkesson and Martin Green, professor and researcher respectively at the Department of Biology, participated in Radio Sweden’s “Fågelsångsnatten” (Night of Bird Song) programme, which consists of eight hours of live bird song from different parts of the country.
Professor joined climate debate
Katarina Hedlund, professor at the Department of Biology and the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science, took part in a debate on emissions caused by land use.
Researcher interviewed about research communication
Jessica Abbott, senior lecturer at the Department of Biology, was interviewed about research communication and the university’s third mission, collaboration with wider society.
Biologist in radio interview about biodiversity
Henrik Smith, professor at the Department of Biology and the Centre for Environmental and Climate Science, was interviewed about biodiversity and why it is decreasing in many parts of the world.
The Dean interviewed about work environment 
Sven Lidin, dean of the faculty, has been interviewed about the work environment at one of the faculty’s departments.
Last but not least
Access to more e-books from Taylor & Francis
Until mid-April 2023, staff and students will have access to a large selection of Taylor & Francis e-books in the areas of science, technology and mathematics published 2020-2022. The Library of Science will then evaluate which titles the library should purchase for permanent access.
Taylor & Francis platform
Stay up to date on the war in Ukraine
The University’s Staff Pages have information for staff regarding the war in Ukraine. The website is continuously updated with new information.
Stay up to date on the war in Ukraine (staff.lu.se)
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