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Fall events and news

This fall we are celebrating 150 years of Japanese-Swedish relations with an event on 12th November. Swedish and Japanese scholars will explore historical, cultural, and economic exchanges between the two countries and Gunnar Linder from Stockholm University will give a performance on the traditional Japanese shakuhachi bamboo flute. We will end with a Swedish-Japanese fika.

In November we continue our series of Korean lectures and are pleased to have professor Yeon-ho Oh, founder and CEO of OhmyNews, talk about citizen journalism in Korea. The month also includes two lectures dealing with important human rights issues, the continuing repression in Xinjiang, and human trafficking in South and North Korea. In addition, we are screening a documentary film about "comfort women" and Japanese history.

On 30 November we have an alumni event where three former students will come back to Lund and share their experiences and career advise to new students and others. On 4th December one of our alumni, Ph.D. student Otso Harju, who is spending a month with us will give an open lecture on his fieldwork in India.

On 7 December we are organizing a one-day workshop on China's increasing influence in South-East Asia and its social, economic, and political implications. The speakers include Professor Andrew Mertha from John Hopkins University, and journalist Bertil Lintner.

The growing interest in Asia at Lund University manifests itself in a new student association, East Asian Student Association  that was set up by several master students at the Centre. During the fall it has begun to arrange a range of exciting events, cultural exchanges, and talks.

For those interested to know more about the scholarly output from the Centre please check out recent works by for example Nicholas Loubere, writing about Chinese gold miners in Ghana, and myself writing about the need for more research on China in Sweden at a time when China's global role is increasing.

Best wishes!
Upcoming events in November
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12 November, 13:00-16:00
Sweden - Japan 150 years

Join us in celebrating 150 years of Swedish-Japan relations!

On 12th November we will host a special event at the Centre, featuring special guest talks on the historical, cultural, and economic exchanges between Sweden and Japan. We will also have a performance of the traditional Japanese shakuhachi, a bamboo flute, as well as some Japanese (and Swedish!) refreshments.

More information here
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20 November, 13:15-15:00
Citizen Participatory Journalism in Korea

Open lecture with Yeon-ho Oh, adjunct professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Seoul, Korea, and founder and CEO of OhmyNews.

More information here
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26 November, 13:15-15:00
The “People’s War on Terror” and the Mass Internment of Muslims in Xinjiang

Open lecture with Dr. Rachel Harris (SOAS, University of London)

More information here
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28 November, 10:15-12:00
Gender and Human Trafficking in South and North Korea

Open lecture with Seo-Young Cho, Assistant Professor of Economics at Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany and visiting scholar at the Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies

More information here
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28 November, 15:15-18:00
Shusenjo: The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue

Film screening and Q&A with Director Miki Dezaki

More information here
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30 November, 10:00-12:30
Asian Studies - a career for the future! 

Come and meet alumni Li Yue, Likki-Lee Pitzen and Otso Harju who share their experiences and talk about life after graduation.

More information here
Upcoming events in December
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4 December, 10:15-12:00

Class, gender and reflexivity in Delhi: Young middle-to-upper class, upper caste feminists’ descriptions of self
Open lecture with Otso Harju, PhD candidate in gender studies at the University of Helsinki, Finland

More information here
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7 December, 09:15-17:00

FOCUS ASIA: China’s role in Southeast Asia
This one-day symposium will investigate the multiple roles that China plays in Southeast Asia with particular focus on how China influences political and democratic development in the region. It will also address domestic challenges within China to the country’s assertive development strategy connecting China with Southeast Asia.  

More information here
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