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Holiday greetings and changes for 2019

It has been a full fall semester at the Centre with many guest lectures and events. At the same time we have been busy with preparing for our organisational move from the University Specialised Centres (USV) to the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology. There we will become the third section of the Department of History which apart from the section of history also has the section of human rights. As a result of this organisational change the Asia Library will become the third library at the Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology.

However, most things will remain the same. The Centre continues to have an interdisciplinary focus and our Master Programme will remain a master in social sciences. The Centre and the Asia Library will also remain in the same location. The organizational move comes with some new possibilities as we will be able to develop undergraduate courses as well as a Ph.D. programme.

We are launching a photo contest for students at Lund University studying in or visiting Asia with deadline 15 March. It  will result in an exhibition at the Centre with a planned opening on 8 April.

In short we look forward to an exciting new year and wish you welcome back in January!

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Visualizing Asian Cities Photo Contest
A photo contest for students enrolled at Lund University.

The contest encourages participants to submit a photo in one of the following categories:
Traditions and heritage
Hidden places
Dreams and creativity

The contest launches on 30 November 2018 and will close on 15 March 2019.

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Calls for visiting Ph.D. students

The Centre invites Swedish and Nordic Ph.D. students with a focus on East and South-East Asia to spend 1-2 months at the Centre during the spring 2019.

Application deadline: 20 December 2018

More information here
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Apply to our Masters Programme in Asian Studies

The Master’s programme is unique in Europe, and provides an excellent foundation for postgraduate studies, teaching and research, as well as for work in government agencies, international services, private firms and NGOs

Application deadline: 15 January 2019

More information here
Upcoming events in 2019
252 silk road
Screening of The Silk Road of Pop
One of the very few documentaries to come out of Xinjiang, The Silk Road of Pop captures the challenges of a minority group in China.

When: 22 January 15.15-17.00

More information here
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Chinese New Year through a Photo App: A Photo Exhibition
This photo exhibition consists of photographs selected among the more than 5000 photographs that Chinese people posted on the photo app Kuaipai, kuaipai during Chinese New Year 2018.

When: 4 February, 15.00.

More information here
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Child Soldiering in Northern Myanmar: Dynamics and Challenges
Open lecture by Assistant Professor Chen Kai, Xiamen University

When: 12 February 10.15-12.00

More information here
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