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Happy New Year of the Pig!

The semester has just started as we enter a new year according to the Chinese lunar calendar, leaving the Year of the Dog behind and entering the Year of the Pig on 5th February. If you want to learn more about Chinese New Year celebrations, please see our website here and come and visit our first photo exhibition that opens on 4th February at 15.00.

February offers a range of activities at the Centre with a particular focus on Korea. Come learn about gender issues and political developments at two lectures, and watch the fascinating film about a North Korean woman's dangerous escape to China and further on to South Korea.

If you are a student interested in photography and happen to be in Asia right now, don't forget our photo contest that challenges you to see and document Asian cities in a new way (deadline 15 March). Selected photos will be exhibited later in the spring and we promise prices to the winners too.

If you are interested to know what we did in 2018 and, some of the things, we plan to do in 2019, please see our work report for 2018 and work plan for 2019.

With best wishes for a healthy, happy, and exciting 2019!
Upcoming events in February
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640x640transp Chinese New Year through a Photo App: A Photo Exhibition
640x640transp This photo exhibition consists of photographs selected among the more than 5000 photographs that Chinese people posted on the photo app Kuaipai, kuaipai during Chinese New Year 2018. The photo exhibition is thus both a way to understand how Chinese New Year is celebrated in different parts of China and a way to understand how social media practices and photography today is integrated in Chinese people's lives.

The exhibition is curated by Marina Svensson as part of the Digital China Research Project funded by the Swedish Research Council.

The exhibition will open at the Centre on 4 February 2019 between 15.00 - 16.00 when Marina will briefly introduce the exhibition and remain open until 16 February.

More information here
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Advancement and Challenges in Gender equality in Korea
Open lecture with Assistant Professor Jayoung Yoon, Chungnam National University

When: 8 February, 13.15-15.00

More information here
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Child Soldiering in Northern Myanmar: Dynamics and Challenges
Open lecture by Assistant Professor Chen Kai, Xiamen University

When: 12 February, 10.15-12.00

More information here
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Screening of Mrs B. A North-Korean Woman (70 min, 2017)
Directed by Jero Yun

When: 18 February, 15.15-17.00

More information here

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South Korea’s Top-Down Democracy
Open lecture with Erik Mobrand, Graduate School of International Studies at Seoul National University

When: 19 February, 10.15-12.00

More information here

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Visualizing Asian Cities Photo Contest
A photo contest for students enrolled at Lund University.

The contest encourages participants to submit a photo in one of the following categories:
Traditions and heritage
Hidden places
Dreams and creativity

The contest will close on 15 March 2019.

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