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NEWSLETTER  |  No. 5 November 2019
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Alumni Anni-Elina Vänskä, Victoria Stetsko and Kees Krul

Staying in touch with the Centre as an alumni
This is the third year that we organize an alumni event.  It is always exciting and a pleasure to welcome back former students and hear about their careers since graduation.  They provide valuable input when we continue to develop education and the Centre. Our alumni network is something we want to nurture as current students can benefit a lot from the experience and advice from their peers. This year we invited Kees Krul who graduated in 2015 and is now finishing his Ph.D, Victoria Stetsko who graduated in 2012 and is now working for Oxfam. Anni-Elina Vänskä who graduated only this spring also came and shared her experience as working as an intern in our newly established internship course.

This year it is 20 years since the Asia Library was established. It grew from a seminar library at the former Department of East and South-East Asian Languages and the library that the Centre had started. The two joined forces as they moved into Ideon in 1999 and then established a larger library. The library was jointly run until 2006 when the language department merged in the newly created Centre for Languages and Literature (SOL), and after that the Centre ran the library until end of 2018. Since 2019 the library is managed by and incorporated into the HT libraries. You still find it in the Centre, however, and we daily enjoy the feeling of walking among books to our offices.

The Centre invites Ph.D. students with a focus on East and South-East Asia to spend one month at the Centre during the spring of 2020 and offers accommodation up to one month. Deadline for application is 13th December.

The semester is soon coming to an end and we know December is a busy month. Don't miss the opportunity to listen to our public lectures that covers Thai politics and the rise of populism in South-East Asia.

Welcome to the Centre and the Asia Library!
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640x640transp Calls for visiting Ph.D. students
640x640transp The Centre invites Ph.D. students with a focus on East and South-East Asia to spend one month at the Centre during the spring of 2020. We are able to pay for accommodation at the University Guest House for one month for up to four PhD candidates who needs housing, office space, access to the library, as well as possibilities to organize a research seminar.

Find out more here
285 Duncan at ARI
Thai Politics in Flux: the 2019 Elections and their Aftermath
Open lecture with Professor Duncan McCargo, University of Copenhagen

2 December 2019 10:15 to 12:00

See here for more information
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The Best Populist in Town? Duterte and the Success of the Populist Rhetoric
Open lecture with Dr Aim Sinpeng, University of Sydney

4 December 2019 13:15 to 15:00

See here for more information

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