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NEWSLETTER  |  No. 1 February 2021
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Welcoming the Year of the Ox
The Year of the Ox has just begun and we all hope that it will bring an end to the pandemic. Last year was an unusual year with less visitors and activities at the Centre but we are pleased to report that the Centre nonetheless expanded and also was able to arrange a number of events as described in our work report.

This spring the Centre is organising public (online) talks on contemporary issues and developments in East and South-East Asia. On 25th February we organise a webinar that focuses on the transnational movement known as the Milk Tea Alliance. Scholars and activists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand will discuss their different movements for democracy and the links of solidarity between them.

During March you can attend lectures and seminars on a variety of topics such as China's role in Central Asia. During the fall we will start two new MA level courses. One deals with religion and society in East and South-East Asia. The main lecturer for that course is our new postdoctoral fellow Paulina Kolata who will give a lecture on Buddhism in Japan on 2nd March. Another new course focuses on documentary film in East and South-East Asia. In preparation and as a teaser for that we organise a seminar and panel discussion on Documentary film in East and South-East Asia on 30 March. The participants are two of the teachers, our phd candidate Chontida Auikool and our new postdoctoral fellow Zeng Jinyan, as well as the Malaysian-Taiwanese film director Lau Kek-haut.

All the best and take care!
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Online Roundtable Seminar on  "Milk Tea Alliance: Transnational democratic solidarity in Asia"

In this roundtable discussion activists, scholars, and observers from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand are brought together. They will talk about their experiences and insights - answering questions about what the alliance is, why it matters, and where it is going.

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Open lecture: The cost of doing Buddhism: gendered labour in Buddhist economies of belonging in contemporary rural Japan

A look at the world of regional Buddhist temple communities in contemporary Japan exploring “the how” and “the way” of voluntary and institutionalised practices of generosity that can sustain and fracture Buddhist economies.

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Open lecture: China-Central Asia Relations: A Reality Check

This lecture examines the state of Central Asian states bilateral relations with China, a regional player of increased importance in the past decade. The lecture pays special attention to the bilateral dynamics from the perspective of individual Central Asian states in navigating relations with China.

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Research seminar: The role of communitas among prisoners in Myanmar and beyond

This reseacrh seminar introduces the research by Liv S. Gaborit on experiences of imprisonment in Myanmar. The research presentation draws on long term ethnographic fieldwork in Myanmar – inside as well as outside prisons.

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Documentary film in East and South-East Asia: A webinar on current developments

In this webinar scholars and filmmakers will discuss the role and power of documentary film and provide insights into the current documentary film scene in the region.

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