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NEWSLETTER  |  No. 2 - April 2017
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Welcome to the second issue of our newsletter! On 10th March we organized the first LU 350 event which focused on political developments and the human rights situation in a selected number of countries in East and South-East Asia. The Swedish television recorded the whole event and the different presentations are now available online here for those of you who were unable to attend. We are also active during the next LU 350 week in April that focuses on digital developments where we will address developments in China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar (see below).

In this issue we also want to highlight other upcoming events at the Centre. This semester we begin a new type of activity, namely book launches that will be held in our library and aim to stimulate interest in new publications by both Centre staff and other scholars at Lund University. Apart from books our researchers of course also publish a number of other publications so please look up our publications in the Lund University research portal.

We hope to see you at our events!

Marina Svensson, Professor and Director
LU 350 Jubilee events
On 24-30 April it is time for the Lund University 350 Jubilee Science Week titled ”The Digital Society”.  On 24 April, Marina Svensson will take part in a debate with politicians and scholars form Europe and the USA. On 25 April we will organize a panel titled "Local Experiences, Global Challenges" in the main symposiym, the Digital Society symposium.

Then on 26 April we organize a symposium titled "Digital Asia: Visions, Transformations, and Engagements" where results from our Digital China project also will be presented.
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24 April
Debate: Will Digital Destroy or Develop Democracy?

Debatt i Lund
takes on the question of online democracy and social media - is it hurting or helping us?

On the panel: Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University, academic and political activist, Carl Bildt, Former prime minister of Sweden, Marina Svensson, Centre for East and South-East Asian Studies, expert on human rights and digital society in China, Amelia Andersdotter, politician (Pirate party) and former member of the European Parlament. Moderator: Andreas Ekström, journalist and author

Read more about the event here

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25 April
Panel: Local Experiences, Global Challenges

The Digital Society Symposium
consists of several panels and the Centre is involved in the panel called Local Experiences, Global Challenges, where the speakers will take us from Sweden to India, China and Africa. To attend this panel and others in the symposium you need to register.

Read more about our panel and how to register for participation here
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26 April
Symposium: Digital Asia: Visions, Transformations, and Engagements

The presentations will examine the socio-political contexts and uses of the Internet in a selected number of Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and Myanmar. The speakers will address both the everyday uses of new communication technologies as well as citizens new opportunities to discuss public affairs and become involved in civic and political mobilization.

Read more about the event here
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Open lecture: Democracy and state patronage of religion: Evidence from Thailand
Open lecture on 21 April with Tomas Larsson, Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge.

Read more about the open lecture here
Book launches
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Yakuza Tattoo
On May 4 you are welcome to join us for a book launch and discussion with Andreas Johansson who has recently published a book about Japanese tattoo.

The art of the Japanese tattoo has fascinated people across the world for decades, but in Japan they are taboo since traditional full body tattoos are associated with the Japanese mafia – the yakuza. Yakuza Tattoo offers a unique insight into the dragons, fish and gods inspired by the structure of the yakuza and form the identity of the organization.

Read more about the event here
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Made in China Yearbook 2016: Disturbances in Heaven
Join us on May 18 for a discussion with Nicholas Loubere about the Made in China Yearbook 2016: Disturbances in Heaven, recently published open access by ANU Press. The book launch will be followed by a reception and attendees will receive a free copy of the book.

This event is organized in cooperation with the Rauol Wallenberg Institute and the Lund Human Rights Hub.

Read more about the event and how to register for participation here
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