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Newsletter from CEC Fellows | October 2019
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CEC Fellows October 2019 newsletter
Dear colleagues,

The third concept seminar on Scenarios with interesting presentations gathered researchers from many different departments - thank you for attending! A fourth concept seminar on Capacity building is coming up at the 29th of November, more information will be provided in the next newsletter.

Welcome to a CEC Fellows seminar on Understanding Media at the 20th of November. Anna Maria Erling, communication officer at CEC, will give insights into to world of Media and how it works.

The CEC is recruiting! Read more about the open positions at the CEC web page.

We wish you a great autumn,
Cerina, Yann and Lina

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LU vice-chancellor, Torbjörn Von Schantz, has signed the long-term strategy for sustainable development for Lund University (in Swedish). The work on developing the strategy has been led by the Sustainability Forum, which has gathered knowledge, experiences and views from faculties, university-wide committees and activities and Lund University's student union, LUS.

Lund University and the Municipality of Simrishamn are creating a joint research environment at the Marine Center in Simrishamn to meet the challenges of the Baltic Sea. More information is found here (Swedish only), or you may contact the coordinator Maria Hansson.  


  • Open call for a new Director at LINXS, deadline 1 Dec.

  • PhD course in Aerosol Technology (7.5 ects): PhD students and postdocs are welcome to sign up for the course which will give you an understanding of the physics and chemistry of airborne particles – including natural particles, air pollution, and engineered nanoparticles, how they can be measured, effects on our health, the environment and the climate. Apply before 4 Nov, by sending a mail to the course coordinator Axel Eriksson. Course start: 4 Nov.

  • European Commission: Have your say on the next generation of ambitious research and innovation partnerships. The Commission invites anyone with an interest in future research and innovation partnerships to participate in the survey, deadline 6 Nov. 

Conferences and popular science event

Open positions at the CEC
please spread the word, https://www.cec.lu.se/sv/om-cec/jobba-hos-oss  

News from stakeholders and funders 
one sentence on your last publication and what you can contribute with to CEC fellow?
1355 Maj Lena
Maj-Lena Linderson - senior lecture
Keywords: Biogeophysics, Plant-atmosphere exchange processes, Micrometeorology, ICOS research infrastructure

1. My latest publication is about the simultaneous exchange of water and CO2 in terrestrial ecosystems is commonly gained from leaf-level gas exchange measurements, however here we compare the flux measurements based on the eddy covariance technique and outline what important considerations needs to be done in an ecophysiological context. You find the article in Global Change Biology here.

2. With knowledge of ICOS I can facilitate usage of a large set of long-term data about climate and vegetation and the interaction between plants and the atmosphere in both observed data as well as in models.

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1354 Erik Swietlicki
Erik Swietlicki - professor
Keywords: Aerosol, climate, health effects, ACTRIS research infrastructure

1. My latest publication is an overview of the main scientific topics investigated in the The Nordic Centre of Excellence CRAICC (Cryosphere-Atmosphere Interactions in a Changing Arctic Climate), funded by NordForsk in the years 2011-2016. The publication Interactions between the atmosphere, cryosphere, and ecosystems at northern high latitudes, you find in the link.

2. Studies of aerosols and how they affect climate and air quality is a main focus area also of CEC.

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Upcoming calls
Under this heading we are collecting calls with short deadlines, larger/collaboration calls, and nominations for prizes etc. Please check Plandisc below for a collection of all calls we have found for the upcoming year.
  • ERC: Public Engagement with Research Award 2020 is designed to recognize and celebrate ERC grantees who have demonstrated excellence in public engagement and outreach. Categories: (1) Public outreach, (2) Press and media relations, and (3) Online and social media. Deadline 10 Jan 2020.

  • IVA: Nominate sustainable competitiveness research into IVA's 100 list, deadline 28 Oct.

  • Novo Nordisk foundation: Challenge Programme 2020 - Life Science Research Promoting Sustainability, with the themes: (1) Biodiveristy and productivity of managed ecosystems and (2) the microbial secretome and the plant cell wall. Support is given to excellent scientists from 2-4 research groups, main applicant and host institution must be anchored in Denmark. Each application can request funding for up to DKK 10 million per year for 6 years, for a total budget of DKK 30-60 million. Two stage application process, deadline 12 Dec 2019.

  • Pufendorf Institute for Advanced Studies: The call for Themes and Advanced Study Group applications 2020-2021 is now open. Deadline 7 Jan 2020.

  • FORMAS pre-announcement
    • Realising the global sustainable development goals.
      Research projects with high relevance for the UN Global Sustainability Objectives in Agenda 2030. Maximum four years and SEK 20 million per project.To be announced 11 Oct 2019, deadline 6 Feb 2020. (Swedish only)
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Some hints:

• Just click in the wheel on a call, and there is a box coming up with more information.
• The plan is continuously updated, and you can instantly see the updates.
• If you find a good call that you would like to add, just send me the link.

Calls 2018-2019-Sweden/Nordic: https://create.plandisc.com/zjHh42l

Calls 2018-2019 -travel and workshop: https://create.plandisc.com/rVsXXdZ

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About CEC Fellows
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, invites all scientists, working at Lund University and active in the centre’s fields of research, to be part of the CEC Fellows. With the aim of promoting new interdisciplinary research endeavors and encouraging bottom-up influence and leadership, the network is created as a meeting place for collective expertise and as a forum for exchange of ideas amongst researchers. If you are not already a member and would like to join, if you have suggestions for the development of the fellowship, or any news to add to the Newsletter, please contact Cerina Wittbom.