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Newsletter from CEC Fellows | November 2019
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CEC Fellows November 2019 newsletter
Dear colleagues,

Today, LU Futura and LU Land invite to a dialogue meeting on climate, biodiversity and land use.

Welcome to a CEC Fellows seminar on Understanding Media at the 20th of November. Anna Maria Erling, communication officer at CEC, will give insights into to world of Media, how it works and what´s useful for researchers to know.

The fourth concept seminar on Capacity building is coming up at the 29th of November. Researchers from five different research fields will give their perspectives on the concept. 

The CEC is recruiting! Read more about the open positions at the CEC web page.

We wish you a great summer,
Cerina, Yann and Lina

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Information – Opportunities, conferences, news from our community
Successful applications: Congratulations to the CEC Fellows who received VR funding for the projects:
  • "Towards deeper understanding on how optical properties of soot correlate to structural properties and combustion parameters" Per-Erik Bengtsson
  • "Design and preparation of molecularly imprinted polymers for reducing electron transfer reactions linked to extracellular hemoglobin" Leif Bülow 
  • Extending and enhancing a unique "cloud reduction experiment" to assess the impacts of future climate change on tropical cloud forest ecology" Daniel Metcalfe 
  • "Modelling atmospheric new particle formation from first principles – The role of Highly Oxygenated organic Molecules in clean and polluted air" Pontus Roldin
  • "Counting soot particles - Number concentrations and sources in Swedish background air" Erik Swietlicki

  • Now you can sign up as a lecturer at the NTM Days 16-20 March 2020. (Nature, Science and Engineering Days). This is your chance to inspire upper secondary school students from all over Sweden by giving a popular science lecture. Register your lecture here no later than 4 November (Swedish only). More information.

  • Vinnova: Missions - a new powerful way to meet societal challenges. Vinnova is currently exploring a mission-oriented approach, which means that different actors work in the same direction towards common goals. Do you want to participate in the work? (Swedish only)

  • COST - European Cooperation in Science & Technology: Call for COST external experts. The organisation invites experts from all scientific fields to participate in the evaluation of proposals for COST Actions. As an expert you gain insight into the latest scientific and technological developments, build on your reputation and contribute to the impact and success of the programme.

  • Coffee Break with Researchers is an initiative that aims at making scientific knowledge accessible to all (policy makers, practitioners, students, civil society, etc.). Researchers explain their papers in online interviews. If you are interested in participating, or someone who could be interested, please send an email to Markus Grillitsch.

  • KTH: The Brummer & Partners MathDataLab is announcing three new postdoc positions. Deadline is Dec 17, 2019

Conferences and popular science event

Open positions at the CEC
please spread the word,  

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Under this heading we are collecting calls with short deadlines, larger/collaboration calls, and nominations for prizes etc. Please check Plandisc below for a collection of all calls we have found for the upcoming year.
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• The plan is continuously updated, and you can instantly see the updates.
• If you find a good call that you would like to add, just send me the link.

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About CEC Fellows
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, invites all scientists, working at Lund University and active in the centre’s fields of research, to be part of the CEC Fellows. With the aim of promoting new interdisciplinary research endeavors and encouraging bottom-up influence and leadership, the network is created as a meeting place for collective expertise and as a forum for exchange of ideas amongst researchers. If you are not already a member and would like to join, if you have suggestions for the development of the fellowship, or any news to add to the Newsletter, please contact Cerina Wittbom.