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Newsletter from CEC Fellows | November 2020
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CEC Fellows November 2020 newsletter
Dear colleagues,

Hope autumn is going well, or at least as well as it can considering the circumstances. The Newsletter this time is a bit later than usual due to the present state of, well, everything.

Today we would especially like to draw your attention to the upcoming new period of the EU framework program, Horizon Europe. There is a lot of infomation available and copies of the work programmes to be obtained at the blog of Research Services. There is also a webinar series on the different clusters, more information below.
The blog from Research Services can be reached through this link to lu.se. 

Best wishes,
Marianne, Yann and Lina

Upcoming events
NB. Due to the situation concerning the corona/covid-19, events might get cancelled or postponed. Follow the changes regarding Lund University´s recommendation and decisions on Staff Pages Update on the coronavirus outbreak

  • Webinar series: Introducing the Horizon Europe framework programme for research and innovation (2021-2027). Organized by the universities in Lärosäten Syd. 
  • 12 November, 14:00-16:30 – Cluster 1: Health
  • 16 November, 14:00-16:30 – Clusters 2 & 3: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society; and Civil Security for Society
  • 18 November, 14:00-16:30 – Cluster 4: Digital, Industry and Space
  • 20 November, 14:00-16:30 – Cluster 6: Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment
  • 26 November, 14:00-16:30 – Cluster 5: Climate, Energy and Mobility.
Read more at research services at lu.se

  • ERC Consolidator Grants workshop and individual consultations: Research services at LU hosts these.

    The workshop on November 24 is open for those planning to apply for an ERC CoG grant in the upcoming call as well as those interested in applying for an ERC grant further on. Attendance is free of charge. The workshop is run by Yellow Research, a consultancy firm with extensive experience in running ERC workshops and in pre-submission review of ERC Grants. It will provide you with an in-depth overview and practical information on the ERC Consolidator Grants scheme, as well as deeper understanding of the proposal format and the key issues relating to planning, writing and costing a proposal.

    Opportunities for individual consultations with the Yellow Research consultant will be offered in the days following the workshop. These consultations are for researchers who are planning to apply for an ERC Consolidator Grant in the 2021 call, with Lund University as their host institution. In order to receive an individual consultation you should request one using the registration link below, and then must submit a short project synopsis, CV and track record (2 pages each, in total max 6 pages) no later than 20 November at 12.00 to John Philips, mail address below. Registration for both the workshop and consultations closes 16 November 2020. Contact John Philips at research services for information John.phillips@fs.lu.se.
    Link to registration

  • Digital meeting: Sustainability challenges in the 2030 Agenda, arranged by South Africa–Sweden University Forum (SASUF). The purpose is to develop interdisciplinary collaborations. 23-27 Nov. 2020, register by 20 Nov.
    Link to SASUF

  • Breakfast seminar: LU Land hosts a seminar on Solar energy, land use and biodiversity, aimed at stakeholders and researchers. Date Dec. 2, please contact Juliana Dänhardt for information an registration. Juliana.Danhardt@cec.lu.se.

  • Networking Event: Beach wrack in the blue Bio-economy. Organized by CONTRA project partner Krinova Incubator & Science Park. The event will offer a platform for information exchange between management authorities, researchers and private companies active in the field of beach wrack management.  Dec. 2, 2020, sign up by Nov. 28.
    Link to beachwrack-contra.eu 

And even more things going on – link to the CEC calendar
Information – Opportunities, conferences, news from our community

Conferences and popular science event
NB. Due to the situation concerning the corona/covid-19, events might get cancelled or postponed. 
  • Conference: Bolin Days 2020, 25-26 Nov, Stockholm.
    The Bolin Days offer an interesting scientific programme and fun social events. If you are a researcher interested in climate sciences, you are welcome to join us, whether you are a member of the centre or not.
    More information on bolin.su.se

  • Conference (The Swedish EPA & LU): Health-related environmental monitoring (HÄMI 2020), moved to 27-28 april 2021, Lund.
    Four themes are in focus during the conference:
    Exposure in children and adolescents, The importance of diet and drinking water, Exposure - different perspectives, and Panel discussion - Exposure, HÄMI and Agenda 2030.
    More information and registration at hami2020.event.lu.se

  • Conference: Bioeconomy Parliament (Bioekonomiriksdagen), 5-6 May 2021
    Climate change as a result of fossil emissions is one of the major challenges of our time. It's about moving from a fossil-based economy to a circular bio-based and linking sustainability with competitiveness. Two days with leading researchers and entrepreneurs in bioeconomy.
    More information at utveckling.skane.se

News from our community

Open positions at the CEC
Post-doctoral fellow in ecosystem service modelling, PA2020/3633 - lu.varbi.com
Last application date: 6th December 2020

News from stakeholders and funders 
  • Naturvårdsverket/EPA: A few weeks ago EPA hosted a IPBES conference on Biodiversity, climate change and societal transformation. A short version is avalible for a short time on youtube (be quick!) and also the presentations  avalible online.
    Link to youtube
    Link to presentations on www.naturvardsverket.se
  • VR: New features in Swedish Research Council calls 2021
    At present, 35 calls are planned for 2021. Many of them are recurrent. Among those is the international postdoc grant, but VR have made some changes to it for next year. Some calls are being issued for the first time. One of those is a call for multisectoral graduate schools in development research, another is for a grant for investment in existing research infrastructure.
    Link to the details at VR.se

one sentence on your last publication and what you can contribute with to CEC Fellows?
1695 Georg Andersson2c
Georg Andersson - Researcher
Keywords: Biodiversity, Agroecology, Pollination, Food security

1. In our latest publication we show the importance of native pollinators, such as bumblebees, for the production and economy of apple orchards in Argentina.
You find the publication on Wiley Online Library.

2. I find it useful to have a platform in which researchers from different disciplines can meet and share viewpoints and interests on a common issue. I might contribute with an agro-ecological viewpoint, how farming and food production have broader effects om different parts of societies than we might see from the beginning.

More about Georg Andersson on the Research Portal
1712 Jing li
Jing Li - Research Engineer
Keywords: Cyanobacteria/Cyanotoxin, Drinking water supply, Nutrient control, Risk assessment

1. Managing Eutrophic Waters in Artificial Recharge Plants, Doctoral Thesis (2020)

2. I want to follow the updates in the network and keep an eye on opportunities for collaboration and new learning. I am an active person with broad network in water research and innovation and working with water industries. I can provide good contacts, competent people to establish consortium for future collaborations and grant applications.

More about Jing Li and the Thesis on the Research Portal

(Photo by Håkan Röjder)
Upcoming calls
Under this heading we are collecting links new calls and calls with short deadlines, larger/collaboration calls, and nominations for prizes etc. Please check Grants Calendar below for a collection of all calls we have found.
1477 GrantsCalendar
Grants Calendar
We have been given the opportunity to use the Grants Calendar, developed by the Faculty of Medicin. The calendar lists calls according to the deadline date, and you can easily select the calls according to categories, type of funding or search by free text. To access the Grants Calender you log in with your LUCAT-id.
Link to the Grants Calender
More instructions are found here (docx).

To find calls relevant for Environmental and Climate research type "CEC" in the free text search box.

Find more funding opportunities in Research Professional
In the database Research Professional you can find national as well as international funding opportunities. Log in using your Lucat-ID.
More information and log in using this link.

About CEC Fellows
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, invites all scientists, working at Lund University and active in the centre’s fields of research, to be part of the CEC Fellows. With the aim of promoting new interdisciplinary research endeavors and encouraging bottom-up influence and leadership, the network is created as a meeting place for collective expertise and as a forum for exchange of ideas amongst researchers. If you are not already a member and would like to join, if you have suggestions for the development of the fellowship, or any news to add to the Newsletter, please mail to Marianne.Hall@cec.lu.se.