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Newsletter from CEC Fellows | June 2020
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CEC Fellows June 2020 newsletter
Dear colleagues,

Welcome to participate in an Open brainstorm meeting about the Formas and Vinnova joint call "AI in the service of climate" the 4th of June at 13.30-15.00. Everyone interested in AI and/or climate research is welcome to the Zoom-meeting, where we will give a brief overview of the call and to listen to different ideas of research topics/ questions/ collaborations/ networks etc. If you would like to present an idea please email in advance a tentative title for such proposal to Cerina Wittbom.
More information and registration at

Thanks to all of you who attended the CEC Fellows concept seminar on Food Security at the 20th of May. The interesting presentations facilitated fruitful discussion and networking among the participants. We are planning on two more concept seminars during autumn, if you have suggestions for concepts please contact Marianne Hall (
More information at

Best wishes,
Cerina, Yann and Lina

Upcoming events
NB. Due to the situation concerning the corona/covid-19, events might get cancelled or postponed. Follow the changes regarding Lund University´s recommendation and decisions on Staff Pages Update on the coronavirus outbreak

And even more things going on – check the CEC calendar
Information – Opportunities, conferences, news from our community
Successful application: Congratulations ICOS Sweden who received funding from VR for the project ICOS measurements - resource for the school.
Link to ICOS Sweden

Research Services (LU) has compiled a “Funding paths for Excellence” guide that you can use to plan future applications and customize your CV and your resume list. More information on what support and help Research Services offer researchers and research teams concerning external research funding can be found on the Staff pages for Research support.
Link to the Funding paths for Excellence guide
Link to the Staff pages for Research support

LUNARC is seeking input from users and prospective users with respect to their needs from future LUNARC services. We ask all users to fill in the LUNARC user survey. Your input will be carefully considered in the current design process for the next computing resource available to researchers at Lund University. Answering the survey is expected to take around 10 minutes. Deadline 18 June.
Link to the LUNARC user Survey

Career development for academic staff (LU)
Lund University offers a broad range of activities that contribute in one way or another to career development for academic staff, either within academia or outside it.
Find out more about courses and activities at

New ERC panel structure in 2021 and 2022
In view of the major revision of the ERC panel structure for the 2021 and 2022 calls, the ERC Scientific Council has decided to publish the full panel structure well ahead of time.
More information regarding the ERC panel structure at

Conferences and popular science event
NB. Due to the situation concerning the corona/covid-19, events might get cancelled or postponed. 
  • Podcast (Vinnova): Episode 12: Is the Future Predictable? (Swedish only)
    Listen to the podcast at

  • Podcast (International Energy Agency): Everything Energy 
  • Fores podcast (Reformpodden): Post-corona-forecast-episode
    Trade, globalization, integration and information flows - what does the world look like after the corona crisis? How is the political arena in Sweden affected and what direction does the polarization debate, the rise of protectionist rule and democracy take?
    Listen to the podcast at

  • Webinar (Gothenburg Air and Climate Network, GAC): Air Quality Response to the COVID-19 Slowdown, 2 June.
    Invited researchers present data related to changes in air quality due to the COVID-19 global slowdown.
    More information and registration at

  • Webinar (Tankesmedjan Fores): What does the European Commission, the OECD and the Fiscal Council say about the Swedish economy? 4 June
    The webinar will be an economic summit, focusing on how we get Swedish growth and employment going after the corona crisis. After presentations from the three institutions, we get comments and discussion with a couple of Sweden's leading economists and economic politicians. The webinar is held in English.
    More information and registration at

  • Webinar (Formas & Universeum): The Swedish decade for marine research, 8 June
    Formas leads the work on developing a Swedish implementation plan for the UN decade for marine research. The webinar is aimed at relevant players for a start-up on the ongoing work on the Swedish sea decad. (Swedish only)
    More information and registration at

  • Webinar series (OECD-WWF): The Friday Series - High-Level Dialogues - Driving a Green and Resilient Recovery 
  • Webinar series on Professional Development (Regional Studies Association): 
    • Career Development: How to get your first academic job – Martin Jones (Staffordshire University, UK), 3 June.
    • The Takeaway: Tips and Techniques for Effective Presentations – Rachel Franklin (Newcastle University, UK), 10 June.
    • Career Development: Promote yourself and your publication - Mark Robinson (Taylor and Francis, UK) and Sally Hardy (Regional Studies Association, UK), 17 June.
      Find out more at

  • Webinar series (Climate Analytics): Interrelations between land cover, land management and climate change.
  • Webinar (Urban Europe): State of play in the Driving Urban Transistions Programme, 18 June.
    An interactive webinar where we present the state of play of the Driving Urban Transitions Programme and the outcomes of the virtual AGORA where stakeholders process the outcomes of the public consultation in the program.
    More information and registration at

  • Research profile seminar: ESD Forum Nine: The SDGs as direction providers for improved quality in higher education, 18 June. 
    In this virtual forum, participants are invited to discuss, reflect upon, and jointly examine, to what extent courses/programmes in Swedish higher education are oriented towards sustainable development and the SDGs.
    Read more and register at

  • Symposium (Baltic University Programme): Research and Innovation for a Sustainable Baltic Sea Region, 25-26 Aug, online.
    This scientific conference stress the following Theme sessions: Climate Change and Renewable Energy, Sustainable Food Systems, Sustainable Water Resources, Urban-Rural Development, Sustainable Mobility, Circular Economy, Sustainable Tourism, Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and Sustainable Societies.
    More information and registration at

Open positions at the CEC
please spread the word,  

News from stakeholders and funders 
  • European Commission (EC)Reinforcing Europe's resilience: halting biodiversity loss and building a healthy and sustainable food system
    On May 20, the European Commission presented its food strategy for the EU, called Farm to fork, together with a biodiversity strategy. Both strategies form part of what is known as the European Green Deal, a broad initiative to drive climate change and environmental, social and economic sustainability. (Press release)
    Link to the EC press release regarding the two strategies at
    Link to the Farm to fork strategy at
    Link to the Biodiversity strategy at
    Link to the European Green Deal at

  • OECD: Empowering women as clean energy entrepreneurs 
    Women currently account for higher employment in the renewable energy sector, compared the more traditional oil and gas sector. Women are generally under-represented in the energy sector overall, but renewable energy is an opportunity for change. (Post)
    Read the post at

  • MISTRA: Civil society will play a significant role in Mistra's new call
    A social transformation with a focus on climate, equality and digitalization. A research program in which civil society and other actors help facilitate the transition. That is the purpose when Mistra announces a new call after the summer. (Post)
    Read the post at

  • AgriFood (Swedish only)
  • European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI): Making Science Happen - A new ambition for Research Infrastructures in the European Research Area 
    This document represents the outcomes of the reflection process over the last 15 months, engaging national authorities of EU Member States (MS) and Associated Countries (AC), the European Commission (EC) and the scientific community. (White paper)
    Link to the white paper at

  • VR
    • Research.Foresight (Forskning.Framsyn)
      A new report on research communication shows that there are good conditions for further development of a Swedish research communication infrastructure. The goal is to reach out with evidence-based knowledge in society. The Swedish Research Council will continue its efforts to establish a Swedish initiative to reach out with evidence-based knowledge in society.
      Link to full report at 
    • How researchers and higher education institutions can strengthen the chances of ERC support
      A new report from the Swedish Research Council describes how successful Swedish researchers in humanities and social sciences have been in receiving funding from the European Research Council (ERC) and what the researchers themselves think about opportunities and obstructions. The results may be interesting also to other research fields.
      Link to the report at
one sentence on your last publication and what concept would you like to be presented on the next CEC fellows seminar?
1582 Lars N
Lars Nieradzik - Researcher
Keywords: Climate, vegetation, wild-fire, modelling

1. We have assessed the impact of increased soluble iron deposition on ocean primary productivity in the RCP 4.5 scenario which is driven by anthropogenic combustion in the Northern and wild-fires in the southern hemisphere and leads to major perturbations in the marine nitrogen-cycle.
You find the publication here.

2. As a modeler I'd be interested in a seminar on how to best take into account and/or parameterize 'abstract' parameters, like e.g. biodiversity, in Earth-system models.

Know more? -click here
1581 Per on the beach in Conil (2)
Per Becker - Senior lecturer
Keywords: Risk, Sustainability, Social action and organization, Social change

1. Vulnerability and adaptive capacity are not equally distributed between, nor within conventional social categories, but determined in the interplay of several underlying factors that demands an intersectionality perspective to become visible and addressable.
You find the publication here.

2. I would like a seminar on the concept Power.

Know more? -click here
Upcoming calls
Under this heading we are collecting calls with short deadlines, larger/collaboration calls, and nominations for prizes etc. Please check Grants calendar below for a collection of all calls we have found for the upcoming year.
1477 GrantsCalendar
New Grants Calendar!
We have been given the opportunity to use the Grants Calendar, developed by the Faculty of Medicin, which we believe will be a better tool for you to use while searching for funding opportunities. The calendar lists calls according to the deadline date, and you can easily select the calls according to categories, type of funding or search by free text. To access the Grants Calender you log in with your LUCAT-id.
Link to the Grants Calender
More instructions are found here

To find calls relevant for environmental and climate research type "CEC" in the free text search box.

Please, let us now what you think about the Grants Calendar! In the coming months, the Plandisc and the Grants Calendar will be compared and evaluated and then the preferred calendar will be selected. Send an email to Cerina Wittbom with your thoughts, comments and preferences.

Note that during the coming months we will be transferring the calls from Plandisc to Grants Calendar, however the transfer is not yet complete. Please, check both calendars during the evaluation period. 
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Calls – A common calender
Some hints:

• Just click in the wheel on a call, and there is a box coming up with more information.
• The plan is continuously updated, and you can instantly see the updates.
• If you find a good call that you would like to add, just send me the link.

Calls 2019-2020-Sweden/Nordic:

Calls 2019-2020 -travel and workshop:

Calls EU Horizon, incl. ERC, ERA-NET, JPI etc:

Calls post-doc and young research grants:

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About CEC Fellows
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, invites all scientists, working at Lund University and active in the centre’s fields of research, to be part of the CEC Fellows. With the aim of promoting new interdisciplinary research endeavors and encouraging bottom-up influence and leadership, the network is created as a meeting place for collective expertise and as a forum for exchange of ideas amongst researchers. If you are not already a member and would like to join, if you have suggestions for the development of the fellowship, or any news to add to the Newsletter, please contact Cerina Wittbom.
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