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Contribute to IPCC's special reports on climate change

Now it is time to nominate researchers as authors or reviewers of the IPCC's special reports on (i) climate/sea/cryosphere and (ii) climate/land. Especially the land report would be relevant, but there are, for example, polar areas in the other that would certainly match researchers in BECC.

Further information on how to nominate, last day May 11, and the report overviews can be found here:

These two special reports, together with the first one on climate/1.5 degrees, are three special reports to be produced within the framework of AR6. The overview and author nominations for the main report are relevant later this year, during the autumn.

Participate in External Review of IPBES Assessments May-June

Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) aims to finalize five assessments at the sixth session of the IPBES Plenary, in March 2018: four regional assessments of biodiversity and ecosystem services (for Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe and Central Asia) and the thematic assessment on land degradation and restoration.

The eight-week period for external review of the second order drafts of the assessment chapters and the first order drafts of the summaries for policymakers will run from 1 May until 26 June 2017 for the land degradation and restoration, Africa, Asia-Pacific and Europe and Central Asia assessments.

Further information about this external review and participation can be found here. 

Apply to ClimBEco Graduate Research School 2017-2019

ClimBEco stands for Climate, Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a changing world. It is a two-year graduate research school that promotes young scientists to engage in interdisciplinary research.

When you join ClimBEco graduate research school, you will enter an inspiring research environment where you will:

• Meet and network with other PhD students and senior scientists

• Choose from a variety of cutting-edge PhD courses, free of charge

• Get introduced to the field of interdisciplinary research in the context of climate & climate change, biodiversity and ecosystem services

• Have the possibility to attend a mentoring programme for personal development, communication skills, networking and career planning

Application deadline: 5th May 2017

Read more and apply here.

Coming events:

2/5 Defaunation in tropical forests – implications for people, biodiversity conservation and global approaches to forest governance

8-12/5 ClimBEco PhD course Advancing the Transition to Bioeconomy: A Systems Approach

15-20/5 Hållbarhetsveckan i Lund

16/5 Climate-KIC Workshop

31/5 Spring Meeting - Ecosystem Services

30/5 Action Group ”Nutrient weathering from rocks” session at Goldschmidt 2017

BECC-Merge Spring Workshop 2017 - presentations

The workshop gathered 50 participants during day one and around 30 during day two.  It illuminated scenarios and their application in climate and impact modelling, empirical process studies, social science analysis and global change assessment, thus linking key perspectives, themes and expertise within BECC and MERGE. Aims were to encourage new interactions between BECC and MERGE researchers, and to promote the ongoing development of our twin research environments through academic exchange around a major unifying theme.

You can find the presentations here.

Decision on call for salary funding for postdoctoral positions in Lund

During winter 2016-17 there was an open BECC call for salary funds for up to 6 BECC postdoctoral positions in Lund.

Aim was to strengthen the ongoing interdisciplinary development of BECC research by creating and strengthening interdisciplinary interactions. This call particularly aimed to support early-career researchers with high potential to become future research leaders by providing the opportunity to seek funding for a postdoc to work under their supervision.

The funding decision for this call has been made and you can read more about the decsition here.

New Action groups

BECC Action Groups can be found here.

A methodological road map to value changes in forest ecosystem services under alternative management scenarios

Trade-offs exist among the diverse ecosystem services (ES) provided by forests. Changes in forest management aiming to increase wood production can conflict with the storage and sequestration of carbon, biodiversity conservation and the quality of water originating from forest catchments. Currently only forest products are adequately priced on markets, which incentivizes forest managers to overproduce wood to the likely detriment of other, valuable services to society. Information on the impacts of different forest management practices on ES is urgently needed by stakeholders. Only with a solid information basis can policymakers and forest managers make well-founded management decisions to achieve environmental and sustainability goals.


Giuliana Zanchi, Dep. of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science, Lund University

Personal page.

Microbial responses to drought and drought cycles in soil (MICRODRY) - Up-coming

*A minisymposium on "Ecosystem process feedbacks to climate change" will be held in Lund in June 15th, including keynote presentations by Prof Richard Bardgett, Prof. Riikka Rinnan, Prof. P. Ambus, opportunities for poster presentations, etc.

*A trail-blazing project will bring empirical ecologists (department of Biology, LU) together with ecosystem modellers (Dept INES, Lund) in an "Analysis of Century”. Built in assumptions about ecosystem process dependence on moisture and temperature will be assessed and revised with newly established system specific parameters, to investigate the implications for Ecosystem C budgets.

Johannes Rousk, Lund University Dept of Biology, MEMEG
personal page.



Arvid Bolin dissertation Ecological interactions in human modified landscapes May 19 at 13:00 Blå Hallen, Ecology building (Lund) Opponent: Peter Hambäck from Stockholm University.

More information here:


Sandra Lindström defended her thesis” Insect Pollination of Oilseed Rape” on April 7 at SLU. She has been active in a collaboration project involving Hushållningssällskapet Skåne, SLU and LU.

Her thesis can be found here:

Student-driven quantitative review on temporal changes in ecosystem services

During last autumn and winter a team of researchers, PhD students and master students from Lund University and Leuphana University, Lüneburg, joined forces to undertake a student-driven quantitative review on temporal changes in ecosystem services. While the primary outcome of this collaboration will be a review to be published in an international scientific journal, the true added value of the student-driven review format is the great learning experience resulting from integrating students into a research process.

Read more here.


You can always find updated information on BECCs iternal funding opportunities here.


Please note that research fully or partly funded by the BECC programme should contain a sentence in the in the acknowledgements with the following information: “The research presented in this paper is a contribution to the strategic research area Biodiversity and Ecosystems in a Changing Climate, BECC”.

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