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Newsletter from CEC Fellows | September 2018
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Welcome back from the summer and to the latest issue of the CEC Fellows Newsletter
Dear collegues,
I have taken over the coordination of CEC Fellows from Lina Nikoleris as of August, and will do my best together with Lina and Yann Clough to give you timely and relevant info on upcoming calls and events in this Newsletter.

New from now in the Newsletter is a bit more focus on info from stakeholders and the development of research policy and trends with respect to research connected to Agenda 2030 and the SDGs.

Please let me know what you think of this, and indeed, if you have suggestions and feedback on the development of CEC Fellows, do let me know! The upcoming weeks we will work on the CEC Fellows homepage to clarify the aim of the fellowship and so forth.

Also, don’t forget that you can get support when writing research applications – updated info on that is available on the CEC Fellows homepage and in this direct link.

Best wishes Marianne Hall, Research Coordinator at CEC

Upcoming events
  •  A Research Symposium "Climate and health" at IKDC, 27 Sept. Keynote speaker is Joacim Rocklöv. Registration before 10th September 2018. More information
  • PlantLink day 12 sept at the Ecology building, invited speakers are among others Johanna Alkan Olsson, read more and sign up here
  • Seminar on gender Baltic with Johanna Stadmark at Geology 13 Sept at 12.15 more info
  • Science festival for the whole family, the annual Cultural Night in Lund “Kulturnatta”, please find the full program via this link. Time: 15 September 11:00 to 16 September 01:30
  • Seminar on land-use/perenniel future with Lennart Olsson, LUCSUS at INES 26 Sept at 13-14 more info
  • Presentation technique for researchers - improve your presentation technique to better engage your audience and capture their interest. Sign up in Kompetensportalen before October 31.
And even more things going on – check the CEC calendar

Information – Opportunities, conferences, news from our community
  • Lund University has an internal procedure for applications to Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation. The foundation has made some changes in the guidelines as of the 2019 call, see info in link below. Applications within the faculty are to be sent to the faculty office on 27 September at the latest. Read more here.

  • Successful Life-application -  Congratulations Johan Hollander, Pål Axel Olsson and Hans Hanson who together with several stakeholders got funding for the Life project Coastal adaptation to climate change by multiple ecosystem-based measures – read more here
Conferences and popular science events

Several open positions at the CEC
please spread the word, https://www.cec.lu.se/about-cec/open-positions
  • Researcher in Environmental Science and Ecotoxicology, Last application date September 17  
  • 2-year postdoctoral position in Green Space Governance, Last application date September 29  
  • PhDin Environmental Science - Decision theory, Last application date October 1   

News from stakeholders and funders 
  • New OECD report: Innovation, Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability in Sweden Link to report here, link to news page (in Swedish) here.

  • The Swedish EPA has held a webinar on the Nagoya Protocol on Genetic Resources in Research and Product Development.The webinar will be available to watch afterwards at the Swedish EPA homepage.

  • The Swedish EPA has a light document (in Swedish) describing and explaining Miljöforskningsanslaget including a year cycle for the calls.

  • Formas has co-hosted a web-streamed seminar with SEI addressing a soon-to-be published SEI report Agenda 2030 – Forskningsbehov och vägar framåt (“Research needs and ways forward”). Identified research needs: How to connect the SDG goals and to understand, quantify and visualize conflicts and synergies. Also spill-over effects between nations and north/south, post 2030-perspectives, and transdisciplinary research and action based research.

  • Additional ERC Funding opportunities. For researchers who scored high in ERC calls but did not receive funding, there are national funding opportunities. The Swedish Foundations’ Starting Grant is an annual opportunity for researchers who scored A in the ERC Starting Grant call. Further funding opportunities are available from Swedish funders; the Swedish Research Council is working on a report on this that will be available later this fall.

What can you contribute with in CEC fellows? And what is at the moment on top of your research agenda?
1025 Yuan
Yuan Li – post-doc
Keywords: Biology, genetics, protein structure, biological physics

1. We investigated the direct and indirect importance of habitat diversity and species diversity for ecosystem multifunctionality. You may find the article here.

2. I am predicting the impact of mutations on protein stability and activity.

Know more? -click here
1027 Dee
Diederick C Niehorster - researcher
Keywords: Eye-tracking, experimental and behavioral psychology, group behavior,
 data quality

1.Provide insight into how humans consume information, what is seen, when and in what order is it seen?

2. Developing methods for applying eye-tracking to modern dynamic websites.

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1003 PaulMiller INES dib
Paul Miller – senior lecturer
Keywords: Ecosystem Modelling, Climate Modelling, Vegetation Dynamics, Climate Feedbacks

1. I'd like to act as a link to the research and education conducted within SRA MERGE and at INES.

2. The 6th phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP6), to which we are contributing with developments to, and runs of, the Climate/Earth System Model EC-Earth. The results will feature prominently in the next IPCC report.

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1007 Helena F
Helena Filipsson - professor
Keywords: climate change, land-sea-interactions, paleoceanography, marine deoxygenation

1. CEC fellows provides an important opportunity to discuss both cross disciplinary research and career-related issues with respect to early career researchers - I'm very pleased to be a part of that discussion.

2. I'm very excited about our new VR-funded project "TO2PICaL", where we focus on improving the tools we use to reconstruct past bottom-water oxygenation in marine environments

Know more? –click here
Upcoming calls
Under this heading we are collecting calls with short deadlines, and nominations for prizes etc. 

Please check Plandisc for a collection of all calls we can find during the upcoming year, see below (Calls – A common calender).
933 sommar
Calls – A common calender

Some hints:

• Just click in the wheel on a call, and there is a box coming up with more information.
• The plan is continuously updated, and you can instantly see the updates.
• If you find a good call that you would like to add, just send me the link.

Calls 2018-Sweden/Nordic: https://create.plandisc.com/zjHh42l

Calls 2018 -travel and workshop: https://create.plandisc.com/rVsXXdZ

Calls EU Horizon, incl. ERC, ERA-NET, JPI etc:

Calls post-doc and young research grants:

Calls Awards
About CEC Fellows
Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, invites all scientists, working at Lund University and active in the centre’s fields of research, to be part of the CEC Fellows. With the aim of promoting new interdisciplinary research endeavors and encouraging bottom-up influence and leadership, the network is created as a meeting place for collective expertise and as a forum for exchange of ideas amongst researchers. If you are not already a member and would like to join, if you have suggestions for the development of the fellowship, or any news to add to the Newsletter, please contact Marianne Hall.