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Alumni Newsletter | 9 December 2022
High heels, isn't that a little strange?
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The holiday season is here and so, perhaps, the party heels make it out of the wardrobe?

In this issue of Lundensaren, we are starting up a new segment called “We ask Lund” and we begin by asking the question: How come we wear heels at all?

Senior lecturer in Fashion Studies and Museology, Pernilla Rasmussen, answers this question and takes us on a marvellous journey through the history of the high heeled shoe.
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Nobel Prize laureate and alumnus Arvid Carlsson: 7 things you perhaps did not know about him and his research
5762 kopaarvidcarlsson
Portrait photographer Johan Wingborg, University of Gothenburg

Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlsson (1923-2018) did not receive the prestigious Nobel Prize while living or working in Lund – but he is an alumnus!

Learn 7 things about him and his important research that has changed the world.
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Lund University is top class in sustainability rankings
Lund University has been ranked 12 out of 700 universities in the QS World University Ranking: Sustainability, which ranks sustainable development at universities around the world. This is third best in Europe.
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Just over 12,000 accepted in the first selection for the spring semester 2023 (In Swedish)

Researchers: "Major healthcare reform risks exhausting the country's doctors and nurses" (in Swedish)

Researchers on the World Cup in Qatar: "Sportswashing well-proven tactic" (in Swedish)

UN conference: Is it time for biodiversity to take centre stage?

Baby birds in the city are clearly affected by air pollution and the trees they are surrounded by (in Swedish)

The brain's immune cells can be triggered to slow down Alzheimer's disease

What city life will be like if we reach our climate goals

Aggressively patriarchal worldview attracted Swedish women to IS

Researchers take first step towards controlling photosynthesis using mirrors

Honorary doctors named at the Faculty of Medicine

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Victory for Lund University at the Research Grand Prix for the third year in a row!
5783 forskningslam
Matthew Tompkin's presentation on cognitive illusions convinced the jury of the national Research Grand Prix in Stockholm.

Read more (article in Swedish)

Watch Forskar Grand Prix on YouTube here
(Bilingual content, winner presentation in English at 39 min into video)
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New Instagram account focuses on research
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A new university-wide account has recently been launched on Instagram, which presents research and discoveries at LU in a condensed and visual format. As a follower, you’ll learn about exciting research and timeless discoveries, with experts explaining current topics and new research findings, right in your feed.

Follow the account lundsuniversitet_forskning
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Open for the climate – Online courses for professionals
Nine Swedish universities now offer several competence-developing and relatively short courses in the subject of climate transition. The courses are given in both Swedish and English and have been developed on behalf of the Swedish government to facilitate societal investments for the climate transition. Registration and participation are free of charge. Study pace varies between two weeks and a few hours.
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See the full calendar here

9-11 December – Showcase at the Malmö Theater Academy, free entry (in Swedish)

10 December – Robot show at Vattenhallen Science Center (in Swedish)

13 December – Lucia morning with the Alumni Network

14 December – AI Lund Lunch Seminar:
Automating welfare: Timing, belatedness and perpetual emergence

15 december – Pufendorf & Friends After Work, Spatial and social cognition – birds, robots, and musical practice 

16 & 17 December – Malmö Academy of Music’s Christmas Concert at Allhelgonakyrkan Lund

17-30 December –  Events at Vattenhallen Science Center during Christmas

25 January – Fika to Fika Workshop: AI in the public sector
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Watch – All the delights of Christmas with Studentafton, Lotta Lundgren and Mischa Billing
Why is Christmas ham so delicious and how did pig’s trotters end up as part of our Christmas feast? And: Christmas must, low-alcohol beer or mulled wine – which drinks go best with Christmas food? Recorded Christmas 2021. In Swedish.

Read – The Girl in the Eagles Talons by Karin Smirnoff
Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander are back! Now the outstanding author (and alumna) Karin Smirnoff takes over from Stieg Larsson and continues the world-famous Millennium series. The Swedish title is: Havsörnens skrik. The English book will be released in August 2023.

Read – Apan och Filosofen by Farshid Jalavand
Apan och Filosofen is a history of ideas and science that guides the reader with a light hand from the first stumbling steps of Homo sapiens to the gene editing and development of the hybrid organisms of our time – Homo sphinx. In Swedish.
Who is laughing now? How one scientist’s drink came to be on the lips of many
5666 hotcoco
Back in the 1980s, Rickard Öste, a researcher at Kemicentrum, the Centre for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Lund University, became interested in finding a healthy yet tasty substitute for milk. As Oatly the company began to take shape, Sweden’s biggest milk producer flew down from Stockholm, tasted the oat drink, spat it out and said, “You’ll never be able to sell this”.

Nowadays, the company has a strong position in the Swedish market. In recent years, the oat drink from Skåne has become a worldwide brand, with a turnover of SEK 2 billion in 2020.

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Are you looking for a sustainable and meaningful Christmas present?
5778 GivingTuesday 04 utan text
 Illustration: Catrin Jakobsson

Give research for Christmas!
Choose among the available research purposes, Swish your gift and write a deed of gift to give as a Christmas present. It is a fine way to show your nearest and dearest that you understand what is important to them. And, at the same time, you contribute towards a better future for us all.

See the range of research from which you can choose a Christmas presents (in Swedish)

Find more Christmas presents in the University Shop
5720 julklapp
Lund University offers quality products in the University colours and with our logotype. What about some extra Christmassy woollen blankets, luxurious chocolate, a stylish umbrella, a cuddly toy or a cosy sweatshirt? The University Shop offers 30 days for returns with an original receipt.
Have a look!
Fredrik Tersmeden will receive an honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Humanities
5785 1024px Fredrik Tersmeden at Go%cc%88teborg Book Fair 2017 01liggande
Fredrik Tersmeden is a well-known archivist at Lund University, a multifaceted author and our very own historical writer for Lundensaren. He is appointed honorary doctor at the Faculty of Humanities for his long-standing and enthusiastic knowledge transfer about the university's history and essence, both inside and outside of academia.
Read more (in Swedish)

Please revisit some of Tersmeden's historical articles here!
From all of us to all of you, we wish you happy holidays!
5791 christmascard
Above you can see the winning gingerbread houses in the annual competition for international students. The winning entries feature the University Library made by Nina Vang, Juanita Serna, Huayuan Cui, Rizal Khoiri and Rohit Sivaprasad and a historical half-timbered Lund house made by Hannah Bradley and Conrad Hilbrig. Hope they are as tasty to eat as they are for the eye to look at! We think so!

Best wishes from the Alumni office at Lund University!
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