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Alumni Newsletter | 27 September 2019
This is what you have in common with a Hollywood star, a politician and a comedian!
Joel Kinnaman, Annie Lööf, David Batra and you have (at least) one thing in common – you have all studied at Lund University.

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We look forward to meeting you at a future event or hearing about your news and ideas via email. Moreover, we are very happy that you, and nearly 40 000 others, are part of the Alumni Network!

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NEWS: Spectacular discoveries during excavation of unique flagship Gribshunden

The royal warship Gribshunden (1495) has been excavated on the seabed of the Baltic Sea. Among others things, a very early firearm - one of the earliest to be found on a ship anywhere in the world.
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More news
Migraine researcher who bucked the trend
Fewer lymph node operations for breast cancer patients with new prediction models
Contaminated traces from crime scenes can be used
Four Lund University researchers awarded ERC starting grants
Deputy Vice-Chancellor Sylvia Schwaag Serger in PM’s Innovation Council
Lund University in world top 100 in THE ranking

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Future Week is here

Which countries will be the superpowers of tomorrow? How long will we work for – and on what terms? What will we eat in the future?

The University will highlight urgent and crucial issues during one week, 14 - 20 October. Through lectures, debates, round table discussions, art and culture, our researchers will lead discussions on major future issues.
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7 questions for the man with one of Sweden’s most interesting CVs – say "Hello" to Allan Larsson

The Finance Minister of Sweden, chair of Lund University, journalist and author. These are just a few examples of the careers that Allan Larsson has on his CV.  Out of all of them, we wonder, which has been the most interesting on a personal level?
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Upcoming events

Free library lectures, autumn 2019
The lectures will highlight a broad spectrum of research from areas such as climate and nature, genetics and health as well as art, architecture and history. All lectures will be open to the public and given by researchers at Lund University at libraries across Skåne.
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26-28 September, Gothenburg – LU at the bookfair
 (in Swedish)
28 September, Malmö – Art exhibition "Sensing Nature from Within" (in Swedish)
5 October, Lund – Faculty of Law open house 2019
5 October, Lund – Astronomy weekend at Vattenhallen
 (in Swedish)
10 October, Paris – Alumni reception with LERU
15 October, Lund – Physics and Laser show
18 October, Lund – Professorial inauguration (in Swedish)
28 October, Lund – Autumn break activities at Vattenhallen (in Swedish)
29 October, Lund – Training for school teachers (in Swedish)
26 November, Lund – Alumni panel about finding work in Sweden
28 November, Lund – Graduate Fair
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Read, listen, watch

Book tips
I Vetenskapens Värld (In the World of Science) covers Lund University’s successes in competition for national research funding and how Lund, over a period of around 10 years, developed winning bids to establish three major research facilities – MAX IV, ESS and Medicon Village (in Swedish).

Every Little Thing - Fruit Flies: Seriously, Where Do They Come From?
A podcast episode with guest biologist Marcus Stensmyr from Lund University.

Öppet fall (Open case)
A new "true crime" podcast from the Faculty of Law (in Swedish)

Humtank Blog
A blog about Swedish humanities and its relevance in society (in Swedish)
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“An indecent and scandalous scene”: Carl Lindell and the coffin incident of 1884

Good companions, numerous bottles of punsch, a carriage and a child-sized coffin – what could possibly go wrong? In the case of Lund student Carl Lindell, it all went horribly wrong, with stories in the newspapers and being taken before the vice-chancellor. University Library archivist, Henrik Ullstad, tells the story of a Malmö excursion in the 1880s that came to an alarming end.
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Tell us your love story!

We are looking for all kinds of love stories that started in Lund for Love@Lund 2020.

Are you married to, have children with, engaged to or dating a love interest you met during your studies in Lund? We want to hear from you!

Send your story to gunilla.carlecrantz@er.lu.se.

The opening exhibition of Love@Lund will take place on Valentine's Day 2020.
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