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Alumni Newsletter | 29 November 2019
Tune in! We are broadcasting Lucia live on the web!
The holiday season is upon us and today the lights are being lit on the tree on Stortorget! Check out our blog to see photos taken last night of the sparkling Christmas lights on the streets of Lund. On 13 December, the Alumni Network is hosting its annual Lucia celebration. Those of you who are unable to attend can prepare a cosy breakfast at home and experience it with us via our livestream on 13 December at 08:30 AM (Swedish time).
View the live broadcast on the web here
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Four quick questions to the August Prize winner and alumnus Patrik Svensson
Patrik Svensson just received the prestigious August Prize for his critically acclaimed “Ålevangeliet” – the story of the world’s most enigmatic fish. In this interview, he shares what he believes to be the most fascinating characteristic about the eel as well as which book he himself would like to find under the tree this Christmas.
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Black Friday - Is it really cheaper?
Consuption researcher Carys Egan-Wyer gives us some answers.
See the video from The Lund University Facebook page
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Here's the time thief at work
Professional life is increasingly organised via meetings. Although the frequency varies between different professions, studies have found that overall meetings are on the increase. A recently completed research project presents the answers of why.
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More News
Skiers had lower incidence of depression and vascular dementia – but not Alzheimer’s
Nobel Prize winners network widely and commercialise their discoveries
Lund researchers have tracked a black hole near red giant star
What attracts people to endurance running?
These celebrities cause 10,000 times more carbon emissions from flying than the average person
ERC grant for research on unusual quantum state

How to recruit a vice-chancellor - step by step
In 2021, a new vice-chancellor of Lund University will take office and the recruitment process to find Torbjörn von Schantz’s successor is underway. But what is the process exactly?
Here is the schedule for the recruitment, step by step.
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Why Swedes hold on to this bizarre Christmas tradition
The Donald Duck Christmas special (in English known as “From All of Us to All of You”) has been shown on Swedish TV on Christmas Eve since 1960. Last year almost four million people sat down to watch the Disney show – but why is it such a strong tradition for the Swedes? Ethnologist Charlotte Hagström gives us some answers.
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Image: SVT/Buena
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Must-read: Alumna debuts with feel-bad novel
Diskvalificering av det positiva (Disqualification of the positive) is a feel-bad novel with room for humour amidst all the grief.

Podcast – The The Bad Environmentalist

The podcast on how to care about the environment when you really suck at it. By and with alumnae Phoebe Lewis and Maria Stacke.

TV – Fråga Lund (Ask Lund) – latest season
All the available episodes so far from SVT's Fråga Lund can be found on SVT Play (The prgramme is in Swedish)

Watch – ”The Research Day/ Forskningens dag”
A recording of the “Research Day” with the theme, mental health. (The recording is in Swedish.)
Happening at the university
1 December, Lund – Family Sundays at Skissernas Museum 
5 December, Lund – From the EU to you – a talk show
7 December, Lund – Lund University's Christmas concert
13 December, Lund – Alumni Network's Lucia Celebration live on the web
14 December, Lund – Christmas concert with Lund University brass band
29 January, Lund – AI Lund fika-to-fika workshop about AI in the public sector
14 February, Lund  – Alumni Network's Love@Lund exhibition
The academic gourmand
“A fruit larger than a clenched fist, of a dark colour veering towards purple, has a large stone that is not to be eaten, but surrounding it is a greenish meat, almost odourless, soft as butter, and has its own distinctive and quite pleasing flavour, which is unlike any European fruit.”

That is how, in 1780, the former Lund student and associate professor Bengt Bergius described the avocado, a fruit that few Swedes had heard of then, let alone eaten. The description was part of a four-hour “Speech about delicacies” that Bergius held for the Academy of Sciences, in which he went through all the world’s eatable, drinkable and even smokable stimulants. In this issue, Fredrik Tersmeden, Archivist at the University Archives, tells the story of alumnus Bergius and his remarkable speech.
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