Find out how to avoid summer hazards and read the story of Lund's first student. Web version
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Alumni Newsletter | 9 June 2017
468 Botan Louise Larsson M

How to avoid summer hazards
Lundensaren asked Professor Margareta Troein Töllborn, Lund alumna and general physician in the regional primary healthcare services, about the major hazards as we approach the summer holidays.
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640x640transp Alumni Homecoming Weekend 20-22 October
640x640transp Welcome back to Lund! Our Homecoming Weekend is for all alumni who want to revisit Lund and enjoy the splendour of our 350th anniversary.
Purchase your ticket here!  

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640x640transp What are the differences and similarities between political violence in the past and present?
640x640transp Sociologist Chares Demetriou, who conducts research on political violence, argues that the attacks committed on behalf of ISIS or Al Qaida in recent years differs from other political violence on a few accounts.
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More research news
A selection of research news, including the topics of digitization, mindfulness, a giant worm, classic design and strategic thinking.
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640x640transp Upcoming events
640x640transp We have a lot going on at the University. The Alumni Homecoming Weekend is coming up, plus a culture week, a science week and a variaty of MOOCs.
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640x640transp Past events
640x640transp Watch a debate with Carl Bildt and Lawrence Lessig, read about alumni conferences in Lund and our 50th anniversary with University of California Education Abroad Program, plus find out what the School of Economics and Management did in New York.
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640x640transp Who was Lund’s first student?
640x640transp Lund University is currently in the midst of 350th anniversary celebrations. 1667 was when all the practical preparations to get the University’s operations up and running took place. And not least: it was during 1667 – already in the spring of that year – that the very first students were enrolled. So this spring semester, we can actually celebrate the 350th anniversary of the first Lund University student. This begs the question: do we know anything about him?
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