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Alumni Newsletter | 24 April 2020
The coming of spring – a Lund tradition that will carry on, plus a fun parking lot concert!
The coronavirus is causing the cancellation of many events, but nothing can stop the Lund University Male Voice Choir (Lunds Studentsångare) from keeping to tradition! This year, there will be fewer singers and instead of singing from the steps of the main University building, they will be singing from the AF building's rooftop. Tune in internationally on SVT Play (available until 31 May) or if you are in Sweden, you can see the performance on SVT1 at 18:15 on 1 May.

The Lund University Brass Band also brings us an innovative performance from a parking lot (in support of “Radiohjälpen”). Here is the “Drive-in – Land of hope and glory” on YouTube.

The Alumni Office wishes you a Happy "Siste april" next week and we hope you stay safe and healthy!
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Illustration: Adrian Carlström and Tommy Jiang
Send a message of support to graduating students!
Imagine graduating this spring, into a very different world than even three months ago. Those graduating now (and becoming alumni) can use a little extra encouragement in order to stay positive about their future as they leave student life and enter the workforce. We are looking for Lund University alumni to help us create messages of support. Send your message via email to (great if you include a selfie) and we will make sure to pass it on. We may also include your message on our social media channels. Thank you!
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Corona-related news from Lund University
All news related to the coronavirus in English can be found here
All news related to the coronavirus in Swedish can be found here
All Corona-related video interviews with researchers (mostly in Swedish) can be found here

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Video: App will map out the coronavirus transmission in Sweden

Can stem cells treat Covid-19? (in Swedish)
Coronavirus, pregnant women and infants - article in The Conversation
Video: Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor to international students
After Covid-19: "Important that intensive care patients are followed up"
Students abroad talk about life during the coronavirus crisis
SARS-CoV2 labs in operation at Lund University
Sweden under fire for ‘relaxed’ coronavirus approach – here’s the science behind it
Lund University fast-tracks courses for nurses

Podcast - Covid-19-special from Vetenskap och Hälsa (in Swedish)
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#Together against Corona 
The coronavirus crisis is having a huge impact, but is also bringing out people’s commitment. In this extraordinary situation, Lund University alumni, students and staff have started voluntary initiatives in order to provide help. Here, Lund University has brought together the good news stories in the wake of the crisis.
Read more (in Swedish)
Research needs you – take part in a study about social distancing and quarantine during the coronavirus crisis
Social scientists at Lund University are gathering personal accounts of Corona-related events, such as your experiences of social distancing/quarantine in relation to your daily life. They invite you to share your account regardless of where you live, your age or your specific experiences.
Read more
More news
The company Alfa Laval gains unprecedented insights on stainless steel at MAX IV
Researchers successfully repair stroke-damaged rat brains
Eight candidates called for interview for the post of vice-chancellor
RNA drugs one step closer to be being used in cancer treatment
Big increase of applicants to Lund University (in Swedish)
Dogs can detect heat with noses, study finds
Two ERC Advanced Grants awarded to Lund University researchers
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Lund University Facebook, 3 April 2020
"Congratulations to all the 5020 students from over 120 countries around the world admitted to Lund University for Master’s studies starting in autumn 2020!"

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Podcast - Max IV’s  Intronauts – Exploring brilliant science
First episode of the Max IV podcast sharing exciting stories about one of the most advanced laboratories in the world.

Reading tips: Lund University Magazine – LUM

The latest news and stories from LU

YouTube - Light in the darkness - is there a dark force in nature?
A recording of the Crafoord Science Lunch, 16 March 2020 (in Swedish)

Podcast - They help people with Infertility
A podcast espisode from Vetenskap & Hälsa (in Swedish)
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Upcoming events
29 April - 1 May, online – Lundaspex live feed on the internet (in Swedish)
13 May, Zoom – LinkedIn Webinar: Optimize your career opportunities
14 May, Zoom – SamTech: Mapping the emotional and other challenges of digital direct reporting from criminal trials in Sweden and Denmark
20 May, online – AI Lund 2019 revisited: Intrinsic Motivation - Curiosity and learning for the sake of learning
20 May, Zoom – CEC Fellows concept seminar on Food Security
Continuously, online – Learn something new – open seminars for everyone – MOOCS
Continuously, online – Seminar series on working life in the future (in Swedish)

For the latest updated information on events please visit the Lund University calendar (in Swedish)
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A scandalous love story to come...
Normally you would find a deep dive into an interesting Lundensian story of yesteryear here. Unfortunately, due to the effects of the coronavirus, there was not enough time to translate the story for this issue. However, as soon as it is ready, we will publish it on our blog and share it with you on our Facebook page. In the meantime, please have a look in our archive, where you will find many stories from Lund University's history and its many people.
Read more