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Alumni Newsletter | 4 December 2020
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A new career path led to the top of electric road company
“I am CEO of Elonroad, where we are working to change how people transport themselves, so not an easy challenge”, explains Karin Ebbinghaus at the start of our digital interview.

Karin is a Lund law graduate who has chosen to depart from the traditional career path of a lawyer to dedicate herself wholeheartedly to changing the transport and communication sector of the future. Karin describes her own career as an effect of what she calls "bananskalsprincipen" – her version of a Swedish proverb, which means that sometimes in life you get opportunities based on pure coincidence.

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Philanthropy celebrated by Lund University
Philanthropy Day is celebrated each year on 15 November and is a day where people across the globe highlight the importance of philanthropy, not least for our University and our society as a whole. For the second year in a row, Lund University has chosen to mark the day by thanking all those who have contributed in different ways to strengthening and developing activities. Celebrations were held digitally this year through a lecture event under the theme of “Crisis Management”, in light of the pandemic.

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Research news related to the pandemic
Don't pressure your manager for clear messages during the covid-19 pandemic
Other news related to the coronavirus in English can be found here
All news related to the Covid-19 virus in Swedish can be found here

Share your story from the pandemic in the Corona Diaries research project
Social scientists at Lund University have been gathering personal accounts of Corona-related events. Still in the midst of this pandemic, these researchers are continuing their data collection. You are invited to share your experiences of social distancing/quarantine in relation to your daily life. Regardless of where you live, your age or your specific experiences, you are welcome to  share your account.
Read more and submit your story

Use the COVID Symptom Tracker app
It takes approximately one minute per day to answer simple questions about your health, but it could contribute to a reduction in the spread of COVID-19.
Read more about the app
More research news
"Teacher of the Year" at LUSEM about the devotion of teaching commitment

New type of blood test gives more reliable diagnosis of Alzherimer's disease

Research project about how your informal network influences your career

Old pollen seed can predict tomorrow's climate

University art treasures are taken out of hiding

One percent of world's population accounts for more than half of flying emissions

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Recorded events
Research panel with AI Lund about Artificial Intelligence
Creativity in a shifting landscape
LUSEM Morning Talks (in Swedish)
Philantrophy Day “Crisis Management, in light of the pandemic" (in Swedish)
Future Week 2020
Lucia Celebration 2019 (watch on the morning of 13 December!)

Upcoming events
17 November-26 February Skissernas Museum: Charlotte Gyllenhammars sculptures, photography and film work
8 December "Covid-19 in Africa - Continental Consequences and Action"
16 December "AI Lund 2020 revisited: Covid Symptom Study"
22 January Inauguration of vice chancellor (in Swedish)

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Lund-inspired gingerbread houses
This year, international students at Lund University were invited to compete in a gingerbread house contest. They put their creativity and building skills to the test, and the results will really put you in the holiday mood! Gingerbread versions of the university library, the cathedral, iconic houses in central Lund and even Gamla Kirurgen were amongst these impressive creations. You can check out many of the contest entries on our Instagram feed @alumni_lunduniversity. If you're inspired to build your own LU-themed gingerbread house, we welcome you to share it on Instagram with the hashtag #LUgingerbreadhouse.

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Watch - "Tusen kyssar", a new music video by Lunds Studentsångare (in Swedish)

Listen - Podcast: Advancing Sustainable Solutions by IIIEE at Lund University "Missions - A Small Step, Or A Giant Leap?"

Read - Hedvigs Morgonstund, alumna Hedvig Littorin shares inspiration on healthy breakfasts (in Swedish)

Learn - A new MOOC "African development - from past to present" by the School of Economics and Management

Watch - Debate in Lund: Is democracy in danger?
From the eve of the US presidential election. Listen to the expert panel who checked the pulse of democracy.

Read - The gospel of the Eels by Patrik Svensson
The alumnus and August Prize winner's book about a father, a son and the world's most enigmatic fish has sold in over 30 countries.

Listen - Öppet fall: "Bush vs Gore"
The Supreme Court verdict that determined the US presidential election in 2000 is discussed in this podcast by the Faculty Law (in Swedish).

Learn - Professional education paid by your employer
Course catalogue for commissioned education at Lund University. 
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"My dear Freund": an academic life story
The twentieth century has rightly been called the "century of disasters." One who was greatly affected by its accidents and misery was the lecturer in the German language at Lund University, Julius Freund. Henrik Ullstad, Archivist at Records Management and Archives, tells Freund’s sad life story during one of Europe's darker moments.

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