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Alumni Newsletter | 4 June 2021
Lots of lovely books - five author discussions - one book club
Welcome to a summer of reading with us! The Alumni Network and the Creative Writing programme have selected five Swedish authors (who are also Lund University alumni) to be featured in our first-ever book club. If you aren't fluent in reading in Swedish, note that some of the authors have also published books in English!
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You choose which of the books you want to read and when. During the autumn, you are welcome to take part in our digital discussions (held mainly in Swedish), where you will be able to ask all your questions and discuss the books directly with the authors and other alumni.

Read more in English

Read more in Swedish
2691 corona
News related to Covid-19
How vulnerable are we during a pandemic and who suffers the most (in Swedish)

New research at Skåne's University hospital will focus on MIS-C which affects children (in Swedish)

New model of human airways speeds up the battle against Covid-19

Leisure travel appears to increase alongside working from home
More news
3936 humla hund
Dog detective searching for bumblebees

Anxiety motivates bystanders to intervene in bullying

Workplace incivility affects people deeply – and not only the victims 

10 years after obesity surgery : how did life turn out?

Simple diagnostic tool predicts individual risk of Alzheimer's

Mysterious foetus in bishop’s coffin was probably his grandson

Migratory songbirds climb to extreme altitudes during daytime
Participate in research
Recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
Patients with recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes and their relatives are invited to take part in this study by contacting one of our clinical centres in Europe.

Citizen science study about housing
To live a good and active life, we need housing that is adapted to our needs. But just how accessible is housing in Sweden? Researchers from Lund University are asking for help to find out.
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Summer courses 2021 – some courses are still open for late application (in Swedish)

Crisis Preparedness for Professional Specialists – Commissioned education (in Swedish)

Innovation in the Public Sector - three different capacity development programmes on Agenda 2030 – Commissioned Education

Administrative Law with Publicity and Secrecy – Commissioned Education (in Swedish)

Apply to the spring semester 2022 – important dates (in Swedish)
Alumna at the "HR helm" for new Star Wars gaming project in Malmö
3951 magdalena2
How do you run a "Massive" international recruitment project amidst a world crisis?
Magdalena Schultze opens up in the Alumni Network Blog about the past year and the job as an HR Director for the successful gaming studio, Massive Entertainment.
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• 4 June - 24 November, online - The Alumni Network Book Club (in Swedish)

• 7 June, online – Morning talks: How shall we organise the elderly care? (in Swedish)

11 June, online - The 2021 Swedish Congress of Philosophy

15 June, online - Society for Critical Studies of Crisis webinar series 2021
The Almedal Week in July will take place online – join us!
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The Almedal Week 2021 presents discussions, conversations and panel debates focusing on the matter of sustainablity. This year the event will take place online. All events will be recorded and can be seen afterwards.
Read more (in Swedish)
Previously recorded events
3967 ai tv sk%c3%a4rm
AI Lund TV – All the recordings from the Artificial Intelligence Network at Lund University

Alumni panel discussion: Working & Living in New York

Alumni panel discussion: Working & Living in Amsterdam

Sustainability Week

Humanities and Theology Days (in Swedish)
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Listen - Advancing Sustainable Solutions podcast 
This new episode focuses on business models for sustainability.

Listen – The Success Pod, Bodily fluids
Everything you always wanted to know about the subject with Ulf Ellervik, professor of bioorganic chemistry (in Swedish).

Watch  – Coffee Break with Researchers
Prize-winning platform for exciting research.

Listen –The Intelligence Service podcast
Do you want to go deeper than just spy stories and anecdotes? This podcast takes a look at intelligence activities from a research perspective (in Swedish).

Read - But Lundagård lives (Men Lundgård lever)
A jubilee book about the student magazine's first 100 years (in Swedish).
Part 2: A cell for the noisiest and most unruly or
Where was the University lock-up?
3928 Bild 8%3b Kuggis och Kungshuset i Lund ca 1890 tal (AF)
During the first 184 years of its existence, Lund University not only had legal jurisdiction over its students and employees, but also the right to detain them in its own jail, a lock-up known as "proban" in the Swedish of the time.

Archivist Fredrik Tersmeden tells the story of this academic detainment facility. Read about how students in the time of the Swedish Empire led such a rowdy life that they occasionally had to queue to be let in to the lock-up, and also how cell parties were arranged for imprisoned fellow students. The article also provides a guide to the lock-up’s location over the centuries.

Read more (Part 2)

Read Part 1
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