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Alumni Newsletter | 24 September 2021
Woohoo! Autumn is here!
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Lund University is offering a wide array of interesting events this autumn! Several are organised by the Alumni Office, while others are public LU events that you are more than welcome to attend. We hope that you'll find something (or many things) that interest you. There is only so much room in this newsletter to highlight what's coming up, so check out a full list of events by visiting the official Lund University events calendar.
The author discussions – a collaboration between the Alumni Network and the Creative Writing programme
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We hope that you have had a nice summer with time to curl up and enjoy a good book! If you have missed out on our Book Club and would like to join, there is still time to register!

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Author discussions on Zoom (in Swedish)

28 September kl. 18:30 – Patrik Lundberg, Fjärilsvägen

12 October kl. 18:30 – Mattias Edvardsson, En familjetragedi

28 October kl. 18:30 – Karin Smirnoff, Sockerormen

11 November kl. 18:30 – Helena Thorfinn, I munkens skugga

24 November kl. 18:30 – Frida Skybäck, De rotlösa
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29 September, Lund – Crafoord Science Lunch series on various topics the entire autumn (in Swedish)

1 October, Lund and online – AI Network's series on various topics the entire autumn

2 October, Lund – The Culture Night at Lund University (in Swedish)

5 October, Zoom – Alumni Network: Working & Living in Singapore, panel discussion 
More information coming soon.

7 October, Lund – Concerto Copenhagen 30 years

18 October, Lund, Helsingborg and online – Future Week begins (in Swedish, but the English webpage is coming soon, so keep an eye out on the LU events calendar!)

20 October, Online – Health Sciences Research Day (in Swedish)

27 October, Zoom – The Introvert Career Advantage

29 October, Lund and online – The EU Day Lund

2 November, Zoom – Alumni Network: Working & Living in Brussels, panel discussion
More information coming soon.

9 November, Malmö – Research Day (in Swedish)

10 November, Lund – Research Day (in Swedish)

14 November, Online – World Diabetes Day (in Swedish)

16 November, Zoom – Meet the Swedish recruiters, panel discussion
More information coming soon.

18 November, Lund – Lund Population Day 2021: Big Microdata and Population Research with Honorary doctor Steve Ruggles

13 December, Save the date! – Lucia Celebration
More information coming soon.
Researchers’ Grand Prix – who will be representing Lund?
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Who can make the most comprehensible, captivating and inspiring presentation of their research in 4 minutes? Join and decide who will become Lund University's best research presenter for 2020/2021!

14 October 2021 – Digital livestream from Helsingborg City Theatre.
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The Catastrophic Carnival – only 238 days left!
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If nothing unexpected happens (Wait! Why would something unexpected happen?!) the Catastrophic Carnival (Katastrofalkarnevalen) is hopefully going to be the biggest event after the pandemic. And there probably won’t be a lack of material for the typical Lundensian dry humour, or what do you think? Join in and compete with your own fun ideas.
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Welcome to the 100th anniversary celebration of the esteemed poet Javier Sologuren
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On 28 September, Lund University celebrates the 100th anniversary of the world-renowned Peruvian poet Javier Sologuren, who was also a lecturer at Lund University. His son, the poet Diego Valverde, will visit Lund and give a 30-minute presentation. The event will be streamed live.
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Ig Nobel prize for research on cats' secret language
Susanne Schötz, Associate Professor in Phonetics at Lund University, was awarded the Ig Nobel prize in biology last week. Read the full story or watch the YouTube clip (in Swedish).

Active lifestyle can reduce risk of anxiety

Successful experiment with microwaves could result in better quantum computers

How climate change is affecting cultural heritage

New study puts focus on early symptoms of Huntington’s disease

Pandemic restrictions enabled unique bird study

New findings could transform the treatment of brain injuries and stroke

How disorderly young galaxies grow up and mature

New study: Can probiotics prevent type 1 diabetes?
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Environmental forensics – Comissioned education for professionals
An advanced course in detecting, tracking and assessing complex pollutants and environmental crimes (in Swedish).
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The future is already here – new free course will help you and your company to not fall behind!

AI, Business and the Future of Work

AI is increasingly becoming a technology that no company or industry will be able to survive without.

That is why Lund University's AI network has started the course AI, Business and the Future of Work, which is a free online 4-week course. You do not have to be active in an AI company or have any technical knowledge in IT to benefit from it. Course leader, Dr. Anamaria Dutceac Segesten says that the media often describes AI as a type of "machine" that doesn't exist yet, which is unrealistic. And that is why it is important to inform the public about what AI really is, how it works and how AI can be used effectively.
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Watch: Coffee break with reserachers – new episodes
Making scientific knowledge accessible to all with a "fika break"

Read: What I talk about when I talk about racism
LU alumna Seher Yilmaz deals with her own experiences of Swedish racism in this new book (in Swedish)

Read: Finish on time – and feel good along the way
A handbook for PhD candidates by Åsa Burman (in Swedish)

Listen: The next step: Life in the Finance industry – from Lund to London
A career podcast by LUSEM
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A new, somewhat sour, children's book could become yours!
When Beppe digs into his sweet treats, he ends up with a sour candy. Ugh! Beppe hates sour candies. Is there any way to avoid sour candies? What is sour anyway? And what is the pH scale?

Beppe Singer is an LU alumnus, chemist and has been the TV-presenter for the children's TV-show Hjärnkontoret. He also writes books (in Swedish) for curious children! For your chance to win, visit the blog post that has a picture of this book and leave a comment telling us to whom you want to give the book. Three names will be drawn at random on Friday 1 October.

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The Alumni Network on Instagram
Did you know? Physiologist Torsten Thunberg succeeded in constructing the first apparatus for artificial respiration, known as the barospirator, in 1926. By increasing and decreasing the air pressure around the patient, the machine could force air in and out of the lungs. The barospirator led the way for several other designs, which gradually became more and more successful. ⭐️💨🩺