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Alumni Newsletter | 10 December 2021
Set your alarm. Don't miss out on Lucia live on the web!
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13 December. Make a note of the date and get settled in at home in front of the computer/TV, as we will be livestreaming the Alumni Network's annual Lucia Celebration. Whether you're in Lund or on the other side of the globe, we hope you can tune in on Monday! We wish you all a joyful Lucia

It starts at 8:15 AM Swedish time (CET) – use this link!
Goodbye 2021 – Holiday wishes from a few of the hard-working LU alumni during the pandemic
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Now that 2021 is nearing its end, some of the many LU alumni who have intensively worked on dealing with the pandemic would like to send you Christmas and New Year greetings.

Pfizer’s research manager, the chair of the Regional Council of Skåne, the healthcare entrepreneur who vaccinated 200,000 people and the nurse on Geriatric Ward 36, just to name a few...

Take me to the Christmas greetings
News from Lund University
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Satellites to enable monitoring of CO2 emissions
Researchers have developed a model that can calculate individual countries' carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel burning using observations from space. The new results could be put to use within the Earth observation programme Copernicus, when satellites will be sent into space in the coming years.

Face masks, social media and long-term covid - this is what we´ve learned from the pandemic (news article in Swedish, study available in English)

Four Lund researchers are listed as the most cited in 2021

Researchers crack the synthetic code of rare molecules sought after in drug development

Versatile Swedish artist Timbuktu and prominent German historian become honorary doctors at the Faculty of Humanities (in Swedish)

The Swedish Civil Aviation Academy will be Europe's first authorized drone school (in Swedish)

Organised prostate cancer testing is to provide more equal care

WATCH: Virtual reality tool to be used in the fight against disease

Rapid COVID-19 tests using saliva could be easier alternatives
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Give research as a Christmas present! 
You decide the gift amount and payment is simple (in Sweden) via bank giro or Swish. To give your gift as a Christmas present, you then print out the gift letter. It’s so easy! Donating money to research as a Christmas present is a good way of making a difference and contributes to a better future for us all.

See which research areas you can support (in Swedish)
Participate in research
Life after Covid-19
Take part in a new research project about the long-term effects of Covid-19 (in Swedish)

Trains and railways – new list of questions from the Folklife Archives
Share your experiences, thoughts and memories of trains and railways (in Swedish)

Research project on Self-awareness and Meditation
The Department of Psychology is looking for new and experienced meditators as well as people who do not meditate at all (in Swedish)

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11 December, Lund – Robotshow in Vattenhallen Science center (in Swedish)

13 December, Online – The Alumni Network's Lucia Celebration

18 December, Lund – Fossils with Johan at Vattenhallen Science Center (in Swedish)

• 18 January, Online – How to create a sustainable career with impact in Sweden 

20 January, Lund – Book release on invasive arts in Swedish nature (in Swedish)

24 January, Lund – Religion & Existence – conversations with the chancellors Lars Strannegård and Erik Renström (in Swedish)

28 January, Lund – Lund University annual celebration (in Swedish)

• 3 February, Online – How to create a sustainable career with impact in Sweden (in Swedish)
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LTH's Christmas calendar celebrates its 15th anniversary!
Behind the doors you'll find various experiments. Fourteen left to open!

Visit the Christmas calendar here (in Swedish)
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Digital Business Models – Free MOOC
This course will explore the business models of software disruptors of the west such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, and the east such as Xiaomi and weChat.

Artificial Intelligence: Ethics & Societal Challenges – Free MOOC
A four-week course that explores ethical and societal aspects of the increasing use of artificial intelligent technologies (AI).

•  Process Safety for Industry, 15 credits – Commissioned Education (in Swedish)
 For professionals who work with process safety in industry to deepen their knowledge.

Introductory Course in Law, 15 credits – Commissioned Education (in Swedish)
An internet-based independent course that corresponds to ten weeks of study.
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alumni_lunduniversity And here they are! 📣🎈The winning contributions in the Gingerbread House Contest for international students 2021. Congratulations to the winners! Thank you to all participants! And hope everyone got some inspiration for their own gingerbread house creations.❄️⭐️🎄

See all of the winners on our Instagram account.
4476 Gingerbread House Contest 2021 winner
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Read: Skånes kamp mot coronan: En personlig berättelse
(Skåne's fight against the corona virus) by alumnus and Chair of the Regional Executive Committee Carl Johan Sonesson

Read: Handbok i Lundaandan – om den finns 
(Handbook about the spirit of Lund – if it exists)
A book about the spirit that is said to be an important part of the city and its university (in Swedish).

Watch: The Researcher Grand Prix Finals
Sweden's largest competition in presentation technique. The winner from Lund University, Michael Bossetta, can be seen 48 minutes into the program (in Swedish and English).

Listen: The Meridian. Have you ever wondered what astronomers really do?
A podcast from the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

Watch: Fredagsmagasinet – A relaxed conversation on the topic: Trust and the bureaucrat's conscience
The Institute for Public Affairs is run as a joint faculty initiative at Lund University and acts as a meeting place for researchers, politicians and officials.
“It is unusually interesting to be involved in this war” ... wrote a Lund student, who was a volunteer in the Second Boer War.
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The Second Boer War broke out in 1899. Its connection with Lund University is perhaps not immediately obvious, but the fact is that at least one Lund Student went to South Africa as a volunteer in what he himself called an “unusually interesting” war.

Henrik Ullstad, Archivist at the University Archives tells his story.
Read more
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During 2021, the Alumni Relations Office arranged 21 events for members of the Alumni Network, often in collaboration with the faculties or external alumni partners. Hundreds of you attended and we want to thank all our members for your participation. We are stronger together. We grow together. And together we promote lifelong learning. We work for you and, therefore, we welcome your feedback and your suggestions on how we can make the Alumni Network even better. Write to with your suggestions!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Alumni Office in Lund!