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Lundensaren – International Women's Day
Alumni Newsletter | 4 March 2022
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In regards to the situation in Ukraine
Our hearts go out to the alumni, students and staff affected by the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. Lund University has gathered information for employees, students, journalists and others about the situation here (in Swedish) and some information here (in English).
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Ukraine’s cause is ours – freedom and democracy are fragile
Free and creative thoughts that can be turned into words or other expressions are the basis of a democratic society. Free and creative thoughts are also the preconditions for renewal.

Read Vice-Chancellor Erik Renström's blog post here
International Women's Day 
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"Femme" innovations from Lund
Lund is bursting with new ideas, new concepts and brilliant people. Here are "femme" innovations (get it?) that had their breeding ground in Lund.
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Do you meet the membership requirements?
17 – the network for the female millionaires
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To become a member of 17, you must be able to show that you have founded one or more companies with a turnover of at least SEK 50 million per year. LU alumna Carolina Faxe is one of the 46 successful entrepreneurs in this network – a network that was started in order to influence the entrepreneurial climate in Sweden.
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Did you know that only one percent of venture capital goes to women?
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Why is this so and what are the consequences? LU alumna and CEO of Reach for Change Sofia Breitholtz answers, explains and gives her point of view on what she thinks the Swedish society must do to change the future.
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How many years will you get right?
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With the 1977 university reform in Sweden, which included widened recruitment, women became the majority gender in higher education for the first time and have remained so ever since.

What other years have been important for the Swedish equality movement? In what year was it possible for two people of the same gender to get married? And in what year did Sweden introduce statutory paid parental leave?

Test your knowledge!

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Watch: Gender research at Lund University
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How does gender studies relate to different research areas? In this video, researchers from various faculties at Lund University give their views on important gender research initiatives in their field of research.
News from Lund University
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New precision technology for immunotherapy
In recent years, great advances have been made in the development of new successful immunotherapies to treat cancer. Image: iStock/Design Cells

• The UN’s climate change panel: the world must act now

• Additional antibodies may protect against Covid

• Astronomers map mysterious element in space

• Professor Anne L'Huillier awarded Wolf Prize in Physics

• New collaboration between Lund University and Volvo Cars

• The hybrid workplace is the future

• Record numbers of environmental MOOC participants during the pandemic

Read all the news available in English here
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Women’s work in the home then and now – the home industry work that never disappeared


In many ways, Swedish industrialisation began in the home. But didn’t all industrial production gradually move into the factories? ‟No, it didn’t. That is a common misconception”, says economic historian Malin Nilsson, who is researching paid home industry work.
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Psychosocial work environment – Are you going home already?
Technological developments, among other things, have created new conditions that allow for work to be done in more places and at varied times of day. This commissioned education course deals with the new frontiers in working life. (Course conducted in Swedish.)

Summer courses 2022
Apply for a summer course at Lund University no later than 15 March. (Link to Swedish page.)

Pink Programming Sunday – 20 March in Lund
Pink Programming is a non-profit organisation (with several alumni from LU) that organises coding events for women, transgender and non-binaries. All levels are welcome; all you need is your computer!
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• 4 March – Lund University's anniversary, 16.00 (in Swedish)

• 8 March – Smart networking: Strategies for introverted job seekers (in Swedish) 

• 9 March – The LinkedIn expert's best tips (in Swedish) 

• 16 March – GENUS Conference 2022

• 22 March – Webinar: AI and the future of work

• 23 March – Creating positive change in society, the IKEA business way

• 24 March – Jonas Gardell and his writing (in Swedish)

• 6 April – Workshop in presentation techniques with Snacka Snyggt (in Swedish)

• 8 & 9 April – The Humanity and Theology Days, Hope and despair (Swedish page)

• 2-7 May – Sustainability Week in Lund 2022

• 11 May – Economics and Management Day and the Söderberg Prize Lecture 2022

• 19 May – Save the date! Lundakarneval mingle for alumni

See the full calendar here
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Watch – RGB
LU alumna Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a Supreme Court Justice and a women's rights activist. Julie Cohen and Betsy West's acclaimed documentary follows the legendary icon in her life as an involuntary superstar (from 2018). The documentary is now streaming via various streaming services.

Read – Dream, baby, dream (Dröm, baby, dröm)
A collection of poems about the place of sorrow and dreams in a person's life. Alumna Jenny Tunedal will be published in March. Her poems are made of the substance from which grief is woven: love, death and longing. The language, the clouds, the pets. The infinite childhood. (in Swedish)

Watch – Heaven and hell (Himmel och helvete)
Hear the first female Swedish priests' own stories about the path to ordination. From The Humanity and Theology Days 2021. (in Swedish)
The will to achieve gender equality and equal opportunities defines the trajectory of women at Lund University
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In 1880, the first two female students, Hedda Andersson and Hildegard Björck, enrolled at Lund University. Andersson was left as the only woman for two years, after Björck dropped out, but soon the number of female students began to rise gradually. The desire for gender equality and equal conditions can define women's journeys at Lund University. Alumna of Lund University’s Bachelor’s programme in Gender Studies Elsa Hiltorp has taken a closer look at the project University-wide initiative for gender equality and equal opportunities.
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