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The Carnival issue
Alumni Newsletter | 13 May 2022
Houston, we have a...
Catasprophic Carnival, aka Katastrofalkarneval 2022
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Things don’t always go according to plan. The 2022 Lund Carnival celebrates misunderstandings, calamities and faux pas with an appropriately named Catastrophic Carnival.

Times and admission
The carnival area is open from Friday 20 May at 12:00 until Sunday 22 May 23:59. You will be able to buy admission at the entrance for SEK 80 (children up to the age of 6 years enter for free). If you want to leave the area and return later, a new ticket is required, unless you buy the three-day ticket which costs SEK 215.

On Friday, the inauguration starts at 13:00, with free admission for the first hour.

If you want to see some of the main events, they cost extra.
More information and ticket availability can be found here:
Come find us near the cathedral and give us the secret password to receive a small alumni gift!
Provide the password KARNEVALUMNI when you see us. Then you can spin our wheel of fortune and win a nice little prize! We look forward to meeting you there! We will have a tent at Domkyrkoplatsen, across from Café Ariman, Kungsgatan 2. 
What actually happened to the former generals?
4820 generalerid%c3%a5tid
No carnival without a General. Eric Owers (1962), Freja Davidsson Bremborg (2018), Pontus Bodelsson (1994), Fanny Ramel (2014), and Christian Godden (1998) share with us their most catastrophic carnival memories as well as the best lessons they have taken with them into their careers.
Read more 
Faculty of Engineering alumni behind the Carniv-Ale
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It is together with Joacim Larsen and Petter Lindholm, that Simon Frennberg turned the corridor room brewery into a a real and thriving business. Lundensaren has visited Brygghuset Finn to inspect the 2022 Carniv-Ale.
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The parade, map, times and entertainment!
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The Parade (aka Tåget)
Saturday 13:00-15:00
Sunday 13:00-15:00
See the map above for the route ⇧

The carnival parade goes through the streets of Lund and spreads carnivalistic joy to the several hundred thousand visitors. How about floats like the (L)undergången, See you in Suez, Antivaxxers, Corona-adapted student party trucks and Welcome to Uppsala, just to name a few!

Not in Lund but still want to see the LIVE parade?

The Lundakarneval is planning (if all goes well) to broadcast the parade live on their YouTube channel. Keep a close eye on the Lundakarneval website for the latest information.

The newspaper Sydsvenskan will also be broadcasting the parade live on Saturday, for a small subscription fee. For more information visit the Sydsvenskan homepage.
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The Map
Please visit Lundakarnevalen's website for a high-resolution map of the area.

You can find it here.

You can also read about the do's and the don'ts.

• No pets, can't bring your own alcohol, no umbrellas etc.

• Where to find restrooms, the designated smoking area, the police station and urgent health care.

•  Lundakarnevalen is handicap accessible.
The Music
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Blacknuss 17:00 | Måns Zelmerlöv 19:00 |  Tingsek 21:00 | Basshunter 23:00

Hemliga Klubben 17:00 | Felcia Takman 19:00 | Daniela Rathana  21:00 | Familjen 23:00

Östblocket 16:00 | Vånna inget 18:00 | En hyllning till Kal P.Dal 20:00 | Atomic Swing 22:00 | Hyksoz 23:59

No extra tickets are needed to see the concerts 

The musical acts on the smaller stage can be found in detail on the Lundakarneval website.
The Kid’s Carnival (Barnevalen) for the whole family – Save Hotel "Electroluxury"!
The Kid’s Carnival is the biggest big event for the carnival’s smallest participants. Join the cool adventure where the inhabitants of the fridge must put their clever cabbage heads together to save Hotel Electroluxury! In addition to a fun-filled performance, there is also a small area filled with enter-”tent”-ment and a café.
Read more on the Lundakarneval website under the Events tab. The performance is in Swedish.

Extra ticket needed
4822 kocken2
Krog Peppar Peppar and other catastrophic eating establishments to fill your belly!
There are six wonderful places to fight back hunger within the carnival area. Krog Peppar Peppar (aka Pepper, pepper, meaning 'Knock on wood'), Krogen under jorden (Underground), Krog Terminal 5, Krog sista oasen (The last oasis), Foodtrucks Mystery Mobiles and Snaxeriet will be offering plenty of delectables suitable for lunch and dinner. Read more on the Lundakarneval website under the Visit Us tab.
The tombola stalls and the tents
10 tombola stalls, such as #FreeBritney, Catastrophe Oscars and Tegnell's Angels, will be open until late. Pay with "karnedaler" and play.

There are 18 different tents with names such as Prisoner's Dilemma, Bamba Run and Vegas Wedding.
Read more on the Lundakarneval website under the Events tab.
The "karnedal" is the world’s most catastrophic currency used to have fun in the tombola stalls, tents and at the various smaller entertainment activities. Karnedaler can be purchased for SEK 25 each, or even better: 5 karnedaler for SEK 111. You can find them at one of the many stalls in the carnival area. This year’s catastrophic coins have been minted in metal with a completely new and unique design!
4846 QUIZ
Since 1954, all the carnival themes have ended in "-al" with the exceptions of the 1978, 1982 and 2010 carnivals. Do you remember what they were called instead? Take our quiz in the Alumni Network's Instagram stories.
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4848 carnetainer
1 April @Lundakarnevalen Instagram
"You have spoken, we have listened! The beloved, ICONIC, trash can is bigger and better than ever! We can proudly present the KARNECONTAINER! For the first time ever, we are now selling instead of the usual trash can model, KARNECONTAINER, perfect for all major Catastrophies that are to be thrown away. The karnecontainer is in production right now and will be available during all three carnival days in a limited edition. 😂

For the latest information on social media, visit Lundakarnevalen's:

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Listen: Carnival Radio
Around the clock entertainment in both audio and video for all 72 hours of the carnival from the catastrophic glass cage, on site and online. The radio will be there to analyse all the action, interview performers from the main stage and get you into the carnival spirit! Welcome to the calamity in a cage! You can listen directly from the Lundakarneval website and some programmes will be held in English. Check the Events tab for the line-up.

Listen: The Carnival Playlist on Spotify

On Spotify, you will find not only the 2022 carnival playlist, but also previous years’ danceable ditties and swinging songs.

Watch: The Film trailer | Lundakarnevalen 2022
Lundakarnevalen proudly presents the trailer for this year's carnival film: Sandgatan II. The film is one of the bigger acts and has been around since 1908. Rumour has it there will be English subtitles, though this trailer is in Swedish.
Thank you ❤
The Alumni Relations Office thanks all of you who have recently updated your alumni profile this spring! Winners of the lucky draw for a Lund University goodie bag have been notified directly. With updated profile information we are better able to curate and share exclusive Alumni Network offerings. We are grateful for your continued interest in being a part of the Lund University community!
Until next time, feel the wings of history!
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