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Alumni Newsletter | 17 June 2022
5058 bookclub cover eng
It's a thrilling summer with the Book Club!
The Alumni Network's Book Club is continuing this summer. All you need to do to join is get a copy of Death of a Carpet Dealer by Karin Wahlberg, find a comfortable place in the sun, pour yourself your favourite drink, read and enjoy!

When you have finished the book and the grey weather descends in the autumn, we will prompt you to sign up for the auhor discussion and send in any questions you may have for the author!

We are also offering a seminar about Swedish crime fiction with Kerstin Bergman, who is internationally regarded as one of the foremost experts in this area.

Invites for the two events will be sent out in early autumn.

Read more about the Book Club here

If you would also like to participate in the Swedish Book Club, you can find more information here (in Swedish).
Lund University at Almedalen 2022
4928 lu i almedalen
Almedalen Week is the world's biggest democratic meeting place for societal issues. Lund University invites all of you who will be in Gotland during the second week of July to a wide range of exciting discussions.

See the full schedule, times and venues for Lund University’s events here (in Swedish)
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Almedalen – an opportunity for LU to meet decision makers


For the first time in two years, Lund University will be in Visby for Almedalen Week. In times of crisis and war, such democratic meeting places are more important than ever.

The common thread for university seminars this year is democracy. Under this umbrella theme, many of the faculties will gather to discuss current research with the surrounding community.
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 Networking event:
5059 Lundsplace

Welcome to Lund University's networking event during Almedalen Week!

Meet us at Kanngjutargränd 5 in Visby, Gotland. It will be a chance to enjoy some pleasant socialising and light refreshments from Skåne.

When: Wednesday 6 July, 18:00 to 21:00.

Sign up here
5044 Double Quasars in Merging Galaxies
Researchers find ten billion-year old “ghost stars” from swallowed galaxy
Astronomers at Lund University have found a group of stars in the Milky Way disk, that are most likely remnants from an unknown baby galaxy that was swallowed by the Milky Way over 10 billion years ago. Nothing like it has been discovered in the galaxy disk before.

Researchers search for answers to increase in acute severe hepatitis in children

What happens when plants have stress reactions to touch

LTH launches profile areas for stronger responses to societal challenges

Epigenetic markers predict complications in patients with type 2 diabetes

Entire oat genome mapped 
bild 1x1
Alumna in focus: ‘Too happy’ to be a pathologist


Pathologists and coroners are now commonplace in crime novels and TV crime series, and are often depicted as slightly odd people. Elisabet Englund has worked at the Division of Pathology in Lund for over 40 years. She has often been told that she is a little ‘too happy’ to be a pathologist.
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Working for a sustainable future: concepts and approaches
In this new MOOC from Lund University, participants are introduced to key notions and concepts evolving in sustainability science that are relevant to all, independent to one's work or field of interest. After having completed the course, participants will have a better understanding of the vocabulary used today and should demonstrate the ability to reflect critically to integrate different perspectives of environmental, social and economic sustainability to their specific area of interest or research.

The course is free of charge, has flexible start and study times and is given in English.

Course in Family Centered Coaching
The School of Social Work at Lund University, in conjuction with the organisation Aliva Familjehem AB, is offering a 15-credit course in Family Centered Coaching, also called foster care supervision, for social workers working with family support.

The course is taught on Zoom and starts on 1 September 2022. This course is taught in Swedish. 
Wishing you all a happy summer!
5035 bird of prAY
With this photo of the spectacular bird of paradise flower taken at “Botan,” we wish all alumni a wonderful summer! If you are planning to visit Lund, the Botanical Garden is open as per usual this summer before closing the greenhouses for renovations in the autumn.
If you want to find other activities in Lund this summer, you can visit the University's calendar here. For example, do not miss the new exhibition "Lund University – history and stories" at the Historical Museum (link in Swedish, exhibition in Swedish & English).

Check out visitlund.se (which is run by the municipality) where you can, among other things, find information about a unique highwheel bicycle race in early July with participants from all over the world, arranged by a Lund alumnus.

Enjoy the summer and see you in the autumn! We have several activities planned, so check out the alumni events calendar and save the dates!