Meatballs and the Swedish Christmas buffet, the alumnus behind the next generation of electric vehicles and your chance to win an LU Alumni to-go mug! Web version
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Alumni Newsletter | 15 December 2017
988 Lundensaren carllarsson

Why are there meatballs in a Swedish Christmas buffet?
Lundensaren asked Håkan Jönsson, ethnologist at Lund University, what meatballs were doing in the Swedish Christmas buffet. Why are they there, and why are they so important to us?
Picture: "Julaftonen", Carl Larsson 1904
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963 Lundensaren UB 1 640x640transp
640x640transp Buildings voted most beautiful in Lund:
640x640transp 1. University Library

2. Main University Building

3. Cathedral

4. Gamla Kirurgen – the Old Surgery
The University Library (pictured) topped the list; probably the most Instagrammed university building, it is often referred to by new students as “Harry Potteresque”.

(Readers’ competition in Sydsvenskan newspaper, autumn 2017)
Photo: Maja Sjödahl
964 Lundensaren Nina Ernst 640x640transp
640x640transp Autobiographical comics addressing difficult subjects
640x640transp Comics for adults are no longer a subculture for comic book nerds but an established art form.

Nina Ernst is the first literary scholar to study autobiographical comics that often address issues of vulnerability and difficult subjects.
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More news
The largest study of cardiac arrest in the world. An exceptionally preserved sea turtle reveals ancient sun protection. Dark personalities – how to handle an arsehole at work. Case competition success will take Lund students to Malaysia. Prestigious ERC grants awarded to Lund researchers.
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1025 Lundensaren lucia2 640x640transp
640x640transp Past events
640x640transp See photos from the festive Lucia celebration in the University main building. Read about a group of alumni from LTH who recently had a reunion, Homecoming Weekend and the International entrepreneurship research conference organised by the School of Economics. Take a look at the Ravensbrück archive that has been inaugurated and is now available online to the public. You can also read about the recent alumni event we hosted in Harare, Zimbabwe and the 20th anniversary of LUMES.
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987 Lundensaren jul i vattenhallen 640x640transp
640x640transp Upcoming events
640x640transp If you're in Lund, take the family to Vattenhallen for fun experiments and shows. You can start looking forward to the closing celebrations of the 350th anniversary and mark your calendar for the "Kick-off for the future" event on 28 January. Now is also a great time to share your love story that blossomed in Lund in order to be a part of our Love@Lund exhibition on Valentine's Day!
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1017 Muggar 640x640transp
640x640transp Contest! Win an awesome to-go mug
640x640transp Answer one question for the chance to win a limited edition Alumni Network sustainable to-go mug!

We will have a lottery among the competitors to select 20 winners.

During this past year, what have you found to be the the most rewarding aspect of being a member of the Lund University Alumni Network? 

Click here to enter the contest, The deadline is 8 January.
992 Lundensaren lewis horne 640x640transp
640x640transp Alumnus Horne is developing the next generation of electric vehicles
640x640transp He is the entrepreneur who is going to change the world of cars. With his Lund-based company Uniti, Lewis Horne is developing the next generation of electric vehicles. Everything started on horseback in Australia, far away from civilisation and even further away from electric cars.
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971 Lundensaren Tersmeden Trotzelius 640x640transp
640x640transp Gotlands – the nation that vanished
640x640transp Clas Blechert Trozelius was Professor of Economics at Lund University in the latter half of the 1700s, but has not gone down in history as one of the institution’s most successful lecturers. In fact, he was forced to resign due to inappropriate behaviour. He was also the inspector (supervisor) of a long-vanished student nation – Gotlands – and when you look at what became of a number of the nation’s members, you may wonder if the bad influence of Trozelius has something to do with it. The archivists Fredrik Tersmeden and Henrik Ullstad tell the story of perhaps Lund’s most obscure student nation and some of its members.
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