“With Trump in the White House, every question is a fateful question.” A glittering gala dinner, exciting archeological finds and thoughts about President Trump. These are some highlights offered in today’s Lundensaren. Web version
Alumni Newsletter | 27 October 2017

Honorary doctor Per T Ohlsson’s
thoughts on President Trump
Lundensaren asked journalist, USA expert and now honorary doctor at Lund University, Per T Ohlsson, about Donald Trump’s first year as president and what can be expected from him in the future.
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What a weekend!
Highlights from the Alumni Homecoming Weekend
On Friday 20 October Lund University opened its doors for the first Alumni Homecoming Weekend in history. It was an exciting weekend where over 200 members of the Alumni Network returned for a visit to their alma mater and joined exclusive guided tours, inspiring alumni lectures, social activities and a glittering gala dinner at Grand Hotel. It turned out to be a weekend filled with good memories, new friends and long-awaited reunions.
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A film (60 sec.) from the Homecoming Weekend
Antikythera shipwreck yields remarkable artifacts
Researchers have discovered several extraordinary items at the Antikythera shipwreck site in Greece, including bronze statue pieces and a mystery disc decorated with a bull.
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More research news
Is a gluten-free diet good for your health and why is there plastic in the brain tissue of fish? Sweden’s (the world’s?) first course for drone operators has been launched by Lund University’s School of Aviation. The Ravensbrück Archive (Holocaust survivors' stories) is now open to the public and researchers.
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Upcoming events
Event in Zimbabwe. If you are in Lund, you are welcome to "Lunch with a Pro" or you can take the opportunity to visit the exhibition on the mummy of Peder Winstrup.
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Past events
Lundensaren brings you scenes from a 350th anniversary party for staff and students. There is a new sculpture in Lundagård, created by Charlotte Gyllenhammar, that is well worth a look.

Lund University has held alumni events in Portland, New York and Washington, D.C.
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Svasse – the Lund alumnus who came up with the chorus line
Jacob “Svasse” Bergqvist was a Bachelor of Laws when he made a career change from civil servant to revue writer.  
An article in two parts (part 2).
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