Upgrade your personal finances with 12 clever tips! The Lund Carnival is on the horizon, researchers have discovered an unknown language and much more can be found in this issue of Lundensaren! Web version
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Alumni Newsletter | 16 February 2018
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Upgrade your personal finances!
12 clever tips from a finance researcher
Imagine if 2018 could be your best financial year to date! Susanne Arvidsson is an associate professor at Lund University’s School of Economics and Management. As the expert that she is, she now wants to share her best savings tips with Lundensaren. Smart, insightful and strategic. She has a positive view on saving, and makes it sound easy.
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640x640transp The Alumni Network blog
640x640transp Do you want to get more updates from the Alumni Network and Lund University? Then make sure to read our blog! On the Alumni Network blog you can stay on track with our activities, career advice and exciting news and inspiration from Lund University.
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640x640transp How IKEA's founder exported a certain image of Sweden – from frugality to ‘fika’
640x640transp Sweden is often seen as a social democratic model country, where people are egalitarian, wealthy and happy. How did Ingvar Kamprad and IKEA contributed to exporting this image of Sweden?
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More news
How are cells able to navigate in our bodies and what is galactic cannibalism? You can find the answers to these question here. You can also learn about the recent discovery of an unknown language.
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640x640transp Upcoming events
640x640transp This spring, the Lund Carnival takes over Lundagård! A warm carnevalesque welcome to all! In the months leading up to this, you can also participate in our after-work in Malmö, seminars in Lund, concerts by the Malmö Academy of Music, science lunches, and alumni events in South Africa.
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640x640transp Past events
640x640transp The Alumni Network's Love@Lund 2018 exhibition took place earlier this week on Valentine's Day, and Sweden's largest fundraising campaign in the higher education sector has crossed the finish line.
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640x640transp Alumna Anna Frick works at the World Bank Group
640x640transp On most mornings, she passes the White House on her way to work while drinking a healthy smoothie. Once in her office, she recruits the people who aim to eliminate world poverty. After many ifs and buts, Anna got her dream job, but her path has been anything but direct.
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640x640transp “A bone of the devil” – graduate Nehrman and the horrifying bloody deed in Gränna
640x640transp The tale of the 19th century Lund student, Axel Emil Nehrman, starts with great promise and ends in terrible tragedy. Henrik Ullstad, Archivist at the Lund University Archives, tells the story of the promising student who could have followed in the footsteps of his brother as a director general and a knight of the Order of the North Star, but instead ended his days in a mental hospital.
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