Expert tips for stress recovery during the holidays! New discoveries regarding childhood cancer and looking back in history at the pastoral medicine practice. This and more… Web version
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Alumni Newsletter | 15 June 2018
1494 semester

Stressed at work? Read the expert’s best tips on how to recover during the holidays.
Has it been a hectic year at work? Are you excited about the summer holiday? Are you planning to bring your computer home? Associate professor Roger Persson, occupational and organisational psychology researcher at the Department of Psychology, shares tips on how to achieve the best recovery.  Read more

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Childhood cancer: the four survival strategies of tumour cells

Cancer cells in children tend to develop by following four main trajectories – and two of them are linked to relapse of the disease, research led by Lund University shows. The four strategies can occur simultaneously in a single tumour, according to the study that is now published in Nature Genetics. Read more
More news
Small birds almost overheat while feeding their young, ”Mission is possible” a new digital research magazine has been launched, prostate cancer questions could be answered through Big Data project, how Sweden became one of the world’s most stable democracies and a new national initiative for academic collaborations with China. This and more news from Lund University. Read more
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Pehr Andersson, General of Lundakarnevalen 1986
Pehr Andersson is the Director of Trade and Industry in Malmö, but back in 1986, he was the General of Lundakarnevalen. He also popped in to the last alumni event to give a speech and shared many happy memories. Read more
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Upcoming events
“Save the Date” for a variety of alumni events this autumn! The Center for Environmental and Climate Research celebrates their 20-year anniversary and a new alumni network. Plus, if you´re in Lund this summer, visit Vattenhallen Science Center and several fascinating exhibitions at the Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art (Skissernas Museum) and Lund University Library. Read more

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Past events
The doctoral degree conferment ceremony has taken place, as has the 2018 carnival - see photos from the parade! Plus a royal visit to Lund by Crown Princess Victoria. Read more
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Lund University’s fifth faculty and pastoral medicine
When discussing university history in general and Lund University’s history in particular, two facts seem to be the most significant: that the early universities only had four faculties – theology, law, medicine and philosophy – and that most of the other faculties that exist today emerged from the Faculty of Philosophy.

Henrik Ullstad, archivist at the University archives, tells the engrossing story of Lund University’s fifth faculty. Read more