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Alumni Newsletter | 12 October 2018
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Fake News - four questions you should ask yourself
“Fake news” became a common concept in connection with the notorious presidential election campaign in the United States in 2016. Most people are aware of the existence of unreliable news sources, or that messages in social media are spinned in one direction or another, that opinions are expressed as facts, and that fake news are sometimes even spread via established media houses. Even though most people are aware of this, some messages, disinformation items or completely fabricated stories manage to get through the noise for the purpose of misleading or influencing us. But why do we allow ourselves to be deceived? Mia-Marie Hammarlin, associate professor of ethnology and senior lecturer in journalism, media and communication studies at Lund University, responds. Read more.
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Researchers solve mystery at the centre of the Milky Way

Astronomers from Lund University in Sweden have now found the explanation to a recent mystery at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy: the high levels of scandium discovered last spring near the galaxy’s giant black hole were in fact an optical illusion.Last spring, researchers published a study about the apparent presence of astonishing and dramatically high levels of three different elements in red giant stars, located less than three light years away from the big black hole at the centre of our galaxy...
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Alumna: Kate Plaskonis, Head of Marketing at MINE

She sent out her CV to about 300 different companies and organisations, without a single reply. Kate Plaskonis started questioning her own skills, and whether it was even worth staying in Sweden. But after receiving a tip from a friend about contacting MINE, her luck changed. Read more.
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MatchIT students in need of internships - perhaps in your workplace?

According to estimates, Sweden will have a shortfall of 70 000 programmers by 2022. Lund University is now launching MatchIT, a bridging course in programming for recent arrivals in the country who have a background in engineering. 28 people will be trained not only in programming but also in Swedish language and Swedish workplace communication. After 22 weeks of study, each participant will then be matched with a company. Read more.

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Upcoming Events

Things are buzzing at Lund University this autumn. We are looking for new romantic couples and have several exciting alumni events on the go, both locally and in The Hague, Shanghai and Berlin. It will soon be time to enjoy many autumn break activities at Vattenhallen Science Centre. The researchers are out on tour again, and Research Day this year will be about Sepsis. In addition, it is never too late to come back and study some more, so don’t miss this year’s Graduate Fair. Read more.
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Past events

What did you miss since last time? The Ig Nobel Prize has been awarded to a LU study and a course for recently arrived doctors is heavily oversubscribed while MatchIT will match recently arrived programmers with IT industry jobs. Four LU researchers have also received ERC starting grants and Lund University has handed over the remains of an Aboriginal man to representatives of the Australian government. Read more.
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“Academic cock of the walk” who oversaw freshers’ footwear

Few things can seem more deserted than a university during the summer break. Lecture halls and laboratories stand empty, the departmental cafés and libraries are closed, and the otherwise hotly contested study places are available in droves – on condition that you manage to enter the usually locked faculty buildings.

However, you should never be too sure that all university premises are abandoned during the summer. This is what the cleaner in the main University building at the time, Mrs. Pettersson, found out on a warm July day in the early 1900s. As she was about to step into the offices of the University administration to clean, she came across a completely naked fellow sitting in one of the rooms, patting his belly. Read more.