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Alumni Newsletter | 7 December 2018
Good-bye 2018 – we are now more than 37 000 members in the Alumni Network!
We have spoken with five alumni about how they celebrate New Year's Eve in their home countries. It is a wonderful blend of rituals, parties and interesting food. In one country, they burn a wish and put the ashes in a glass of champagne, in another, they dress in all white...

Anna from Russia, Emily from New Zealand, Sarthak from India, Juliana from Brazil and Garedew from Ethiopia share some of the New Year’s traditions in their home countries. Enjoy the read and we will see you again in 2019.

All of us at the Lund University Alumni Office wish you a happy holiday season!

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Did you know...
  • New Year's celebrations are among the oldest parties in Sweden

  • Gun salutes were the predecessors of traditional New Year’s fireworks.

  • New Year’s resolutions came to Sweden during the mid-1940s from the USA. Among the most common resolutions are those aimed at living a more healthy life: to eat better, exercise more or lose weight.

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Hard on the heels of a Nobel laureate

Long ago, Carl Borrebaeck worked side by side with one of this year’s Nobel Prize winners for chemistry, Sir Gregory Winter, on the publication of an innovative technology within what was then a hot new research field: antibody engineering. In 1989, within the same couple of weeks, both researchers published findings on the technology which has now resulted in a Nobel Prize for chemistry.

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Photo: Apelgård. This article was first published in LUM
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Alumna portrait: The criminal investigator

In 2013, alumna Sara Blomqvist could begin using the title of criminologist. She now works as a criminal investigator for the Swedish Customs Law Enforcement Division and spends her time tracking down information on suspects on Facebook, securing DNA traces and conducting interviews.

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Upcoming events
  • Fråga Lund Special - all alumni welcome to join
  • Don’t miss the Christmas activities at Lund University in the coming days
  • Studentafton (Student Evening), with a visit from two of the Nobel laureates in Physics. 
  • Mark your calendars for 12 February for an alumni event in Washington, D.C.

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Happened at the University
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The Associate Professor and the Beast: Peter Olsson as cryptozoologist

There are as many stories about the mystical lake monster said to live in Jämtland’s Storsjön as there are attempts to explain them. One person who tried to find an answer was the senior secondary grammar school master and associate professor at Lund University, Peter Olsson. Archivist at Records Management and Archives, Henrik Ullstad, tells the exciting story of the associate professor who went down the path of cryptozoology.

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