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Alumni Newsletter | 29 March 2019
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Today’s 70-year-olds are like the 50-year-olds of the 1970s. How come?
Current research shows that today’s 70-year-olds are in many respects like the 50-year-olds of the 1970s, but how come? What is a blue zone and why are there so many 100-year-olds in Vittsjö, Sweden? Susanne Iwarsson, professor of gerontology, answers these questions and gives us her best advice for a healthy ageing process.  
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Alumna's life turned into a Hollywood film

On the Basis of Sex is the title of a film about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who studied at Lund University in the 1960s. The film depicts a young mother who works as a lawyer, struggling in a world completely dominated by men. When Ruth and her husband, Marty, take on a groundbreaking case, she knows that it will forever change how the courts and the USA regard gender discrimination.
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Jupiter’s unknown journey revealed
Bacteria could become a future source of electricity
Sorry seems to be the hardest word
Researchers uncover additional evidence for massive solar storms
Recover – during the working day
Reality has rarely been perceived in so many ways as it is today
Can new methods help doctors find high-risk patients?
New Kingdom workshop and ram-headed sphinxes excavated in Gebel el-Silsila
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Join one of the world's most travelled bloggers and explore the beautiful Balkans
The Blonde Gypsy aka Larissa Olenicoff is an awarded travel blogger and ”a Master of Europe” who graduated from Lund University in 2013. She describes herself as curious, honest and wild. This year she invites fellow alumni to join her on her tours through the Balkans.
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Update your alumni profile and win an LU goodie bag!

Earlier this month, we released a new interface for alumni to register in the Alumni Network and to access their alumni profile. We would like to encourage you to log in and check that your profile is up to date. All who log in and update their profile by 7 April will automatically be entered in our lottery for a chance to win a Lund University goodie bag!
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Upcoming events

Brussels Alumni Networking Reception

Lund University and the Network of Universities in South Sweden – Lärosäten Syd – are pleased to invite all alumni based in Brussels to join us for an alumni reception on 21 May!

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More upcoming events at the University

3 April, Lund – Crafoords Science lunch – Gender, climate and consequences (in Swedish)
5-6 April, Lund – Humanities and Theology Days, “Mistakes” (most lectures in Swedish)
10 April, Lund – A functional working life – all of our lives (In Swedish)
8-13 April, Lund – Sustainability Week
13 April, Lund – Easter show at the Vattenhallen Science Centre (in Swedish) 
24 May, Lund – Doctoral Ceremony
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Happened at the University

The Rescue Operation

During a unique rescue operation, Lund University sent armed security forces into an Islamic State (IS) warzone to rescue a doctoral student and his family.

For several years, Firas Jumaah, his supervisor Charlotta Turner and former chief security officer, Per Gustafson, have kept quiet on the events; however, now they are telling their story.
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More things that you might have missed

Prize awarded to research on zebrafish that could lead to new treatments for diabetes
Lund University receives historic EUR 33 million donation from the IKEA Foundation
Love@Lund 2019 exhibition
New plan for the University building materializes
Scholastic Aptitude Test results annulled- what applies at Lund University
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A duckling visits Lund

In mid-April 1840, a young, Danish author was on a visit to Lund. It was not the first time, as a year earlier, in 1839, he had taken a trip through Skåne and the small university town was also on his itinerary. However, he did not have very pleasant memories of the first visit to Lund...
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