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Alumni Newsletter | 14 June 2019
Meet the star alumni who will be Sweden’s next diplomatic representatives abroad
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Every year, twenty people are admitted to the Swedish Diplomatic Training Programme. Competition is fierce and the admission tests are difficult. Nine of the twenty students are alumni from Lund University. But who are they, what motivates them and why did they, in particular, get admitted to the sought-after programme?
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Would you pass the admissions test for the Diplomatic Training Programme? Test your knowledge!
For example, do you know what an interpellation is, or the name of the head of government in Bangladesh? See the admissions test (published on 5 January 2019) for the Diplomatic Training Programme of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
Test your knowledge here (In Swedish)
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An expensive summer awaits Swedes travelling abroad
Holidays are approaching and for many Swedes a trip abroad awaits. However, they may feel the pinch with the Swedish currency at such a low rate.  
“It is probably something we need to get used to”, says Fredrik NG Andersson, economist at the School of Economics and Management at Lund University who believes the issue with the currency lies both with the politicians and a rigid management at the Central Bank.
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More news
The screen habits of small children scrutinised in new research project
Geology professor releases new book about… heavy metal
The forest is under strain from many directions
Islamologist: a nuanced picture of Islam is provocative

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5 things you didn't know about Midsummer celebrations

How tall and heavy is Sweden’s largest midsummer maypole? Why do people collect midsummer dew? When is it a good thing to have a bit of stolen ink at home? Archivist Patrik Sandgren answers these and a few other questions.
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A real hero – the alumnus who thought outside the box in a real crisis

Last summer Sweden suffered one of the worst ever forest fires. A large number of public authorities, emergency services and volunteers worked intensively for several weeks to get the fires under control. Sweden was also assisted by international resources in the form of firefighting planes, helicopters and ground crew.

Faculty of Engineering alumnus and fire safety engineer Johan Szymanski was the Incident Commander for three weeks in July. His firefighting resonated worldwide, including a New York Times article about his way of thinking outside the box. He is a real-life hero.
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Upcoming events

18 June – 10 August, Lund - Summer activities at Vattenhallen Science Center (In Swedish)
3 July, Almedalen – Stop by Lund University's mingle in Almedalen (In Swedish).
12 September, Malmö – Alumni After Work “Sharing Cities”
14 October – 20 October, Lund – Framtidsveckan/The Future week (In Swedish)

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Happened at the University

Ruth Bader Ginsburg received jubilee honorary doctorate

During a brief visit to Sweden, the renowned US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg received a jubilee honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Law. As the honoured guest did not have the opportunity to travel to Lund, the ceremony was held at the Svea Court of Appeal in Stockholm. The ceremony was followed by a conversation about Justice Ginsburg’s career and time in Lund.
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More things that happened at the University

Slide show – Doctoral conferment ceremony
Honorary lecturer Feng Zhang visited Lund
Tulips made possible in the Botanical garden through private donation
LU student named Global Swede 2019
“My Lund University Experience” photo contest winners 2019

Alumni news

Lärosäten Syd Alumni Networking in Brussels
Alumni help with recruitment efforts in Kenya and Ghana
Alumni panel share their experiences of finding a job in Sweden
Visiting alumni in Tbilisi
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The Summer read
Alumnus Mattias Edvardsson has written a novel entitled A Nearly Normal Family, which is set in Lund. It is the exciting story of every parent's nightmare. A Nearly Normal Family is about three people who believe they know each other, but are living in different worlds; as well as the fine line between right and wrong, lies and truth. It has already been sold in 30 countries.
Read more about the book and an interview with the author here.

CRISPR research – a treasure hunt in nature
A pod interview with MIT professor Feng Zhang

The mapping of cancer cell fingerprints
A podcast espisode from Vetenskap och hälsa (in Swedish).

Neurological myths – is it, for instace, true that we only use 10% of our brain?
Ep.1 from the cognitive science department’s new podcast “Mycket hjärna” (In Swedish)

The hunt for the 6th sense
A radio documentary about zoology professor Eric Warrant's research, from Swedish radio P1 (In Swedish)

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“A curse on the very notion of lye fish”: on a forgotten Lund eccentric from the mid-1800s

Lund has had its fair share of eternal students, and their names appear like shadows from an arrack punch-flavoured past: “The Last Athenian” Otto Steiman, Sam Ask, Adolf Herrlin – the list goes on. Similarly, Lund University has had many academic eccentrics, both of the kind who made a career for themselves and the kind who never even completed a degree.

 Here, University archivist Henrik Ullstad tells the story of yet another of these eternal student eccentrics, the wonderful rabble-rouser, trainee priest, book peddler, tailor-hater, eloquent and long-winded speaker and pamphletist Erik August Torbjörnsson.
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