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640x640transp Brain damage in fish affected by plastic nanoparticles
640x640transp A new study from Lund University in Sweden shows that plastic particles in water may end up inside fish brains. The plastic can cause brain damage, which is the likely cause of behavioural disorders observed in the fish.
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640x640transp Planting Trees in Africa is a Dubious Environmental Strategy
640x640transp “The strategy is often described as a win-win situation for all those involved, both companies and smallholder farmers. But it is by no means obvious that the small-holders benefit from participating”, say the researchers behind the study, Elina Andersson and Wim Carton, both from Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies.
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640x640transp Holocaust survivors’ stories made available online
640x640transp A new online portal opening today at Lund University in Sweden makes a unique archive containing first-hand accounts from Nazi concentration camp survivors freely accessible to the general public.
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640x640transp Pilot by remote control
640x640transp Drones are becoming a matter of interest for more than just the military and the toy industry. Lund University’s School of Aviation in Ljungbyhed (TFHS) is now launching the first study programme for drone operators in Sweden – and perhaps the world.
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640x640transp The gluten riddle – searching for the triggers of coeliac disease
640x640transp A new trend among food-conscious Swedes is to adopt a gluten-free diet. However, according to LU researchers studying coeliac disease (gluten intolerance), the trend is not solely a good thing as it may blur the line between illness and health.
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