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What a weekend!
The first-ever Alumni Homecoming Weekend

During the 350th anniversary celebrations at Lund University, we opened the doors for the first-ever Alumni Homecoming Weekend on 20-22 October 2017! It was an exciting weekend where over 200 members of the Alumni Network visited their alma mater.

We offered a jam-packed programme, which kicked off with an opening ceremony where Vice-Chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz cut the blue ribbon to inaugurate the Homecoming Weekend. The programme also included a variety of activities such as exclusive guided tours, inspiring alumni lectures, social activities and a dazzling gala dinner at Grand Hotel.

One of the popular events during the weekend was “Lunch with a Pro”, where current students had the opportunity to eat lunch with alumni and discuss career paths and their LU education. It was wonderful to see that when alumni returned to Lund, so many wanted to help current LU students! Remember that you, too, can use the Alumni Network to gain tips and expertise from fellow members. “Lunch with a Pro” was not only a great opportunity for students to gain tips but also for alumni to hear what education at the University is like today and perhaps meet potential future colleagues.

Lund’s future is a bright one and there are lots of developments on the horizon. Alumni Homecoming Weekend participants had a chance to hear presentations from MAX IV, ESS and the city of Lund to hear about how the city is growing. A visit to Lund in 2020 will look quite different from today!

Alumni have gone on to do great things and we had the pleasure of listening to several alumni speakers who are making a difference in the world. Read more about each of these speakers on our blog here [include link to the correct article].

All in all, the weekend was full of inspiration, entertainment, networking opportunities and plenty of nostalgia. Many made new friends and enjoyed long-awaited reunions while also creating good memories in our quaint and charming city of Lund.
We are so thankful to all the alumni who participated and we hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did, if not more! You are always welcome back to Lund!

Read more highlights from the Homecoming Weekend and check out photos on our Alumni Network Blog 

861 3Dgitarr 300px
3D-printed guitar
Photo: Maria Johansson

864 Galamiddag MeganGrindlay 300px
Gala dinner at Grand Hotel
Photo: Megan Grindley

865 Invigningen Marcus Ja%cc%88rvinen 300px
Vice-Chancellor Torbjörn von Schantz at the opening ceremony
Photo: Marcus Järvinen

867 Lunch with a Pro 300px
Lunch with a Pro
Photo: Maria Johansson

866 Lunch pro 300px
Lunch with a Pro
Photo: Maria Johansson

871 Max 300px
Max IV
Photo: Josine Greidanus
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