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1074 Lundensaren celler badbollar 640x640transp
640x640transp How cells are able to turn
640x640transp Researchers have long wondered how our cells navigate inside the body. Two new studies, in which Lund University researcher Pontus Nordenfelt has participated, have now demonstrated that the cells use molecular force from within to steer themselves in a certain direction. This knowledge may be of great significance in the development of new drugs.
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1104 Lundensaren avlagsna galaxer foto cfht pierre alain duc obs. de strasbourg jean charles cuillandre cea saclayobs. de p 1 640x640transp
640x640transp Colourful photo reveals cannibalism in galaxy cluster
640x640transp Astronomers have managed to take unusually colourful images of a group of galaxies using a telescope in Hawaii. The photos reveal new facts about this spectacular galaxy cluster. Remnants of star matter attest to a phenomenon known as galactic cannibalism.
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1075 Lundensaren fossil tumor 640x640transp
640x640transp Novel hypothesis on why animals diversified on Earth
640x640transp Can tumors teach us about animal evolution on Earth? Researchers believe so and now present a novel hypothesis of why animal diversity increased dramatically on Earth about half a billion years ago. A biological innovation may have been key.
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1109 Lundensaren HT nytt sprak 640x640transp
640x640transp Listen: Unknown language discovered in Southeast Asia
640x640transp A previously unknown language has been found in the Malay Peninsula by linguists from Lund University. The language has been given the name Jedek.
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1097 sugarbeet 640x640transp
640x640transp Researchers optimise sugar beet for bio-fertilisers
640x640transp Researchers at Lund University, are to study the exact requirements for improving the growth of sugar beet. If they succeed, biological fertilisers of crops will provide more benefits and bigger harvests.
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