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Past events
1168 Lundensaren Love Pelarsalen 640x640transp
640x640transp Love@Lund 2018
640x640transp On Valentine's Day, we celebrated with an exhibition featuring stories from couples whose love blossomed at Lund University. Over 100 alumni attended this cozy evening and all left with smiles on their faces and warm hearts. Thank you to all the alumni who volunteered and shared their stories! Take a peek at photos from the event. 
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1069 donationskampanj jordglob 640x640transp
640x640transp Sweden's largest fundraising campaign has crossed the finish line
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1071 Stipendiedonatorer 640x640transp
640x640transp Lund University receives donation at official ceremony
640x640transp The founders of the Lund University Scholarship Fund presented the foundation as a gift to the University. Donors, students and friends of the University were in attendance.
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1070 Lundensaren roster fran ravensbrck 640x640transp
640x640transp Thousands of visitors search the Ravensbrück archive for information
640x640transp Last autumn, the unique Ravensbrück Archive was opened to the general public as well as to researchers. Now requests are flooding in from all over the world to the archive in Lund. “We are touched by the response”, says Håkan Håkansson at the University Library.
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