NanoLundian becomes one of the first profile areas at LTH • The Annual Report is here • Donation for equipment to Nano Lab Science Village • New knowledge of airborne virus particles could help hospitals • One step closer to new, clean energy • Unique project studies fire smoke in detail • Paving the way to the next generation of solar cells • NanoLundian among the delegates to Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings • Swedish Catalysis Society Berzelius Prize to NanoLundian
NanoLund at the Forefront of NanoScience
June 2022 Newsletter from the 
Strategic Research Area NanoLund – Center for Nanoscience, Lund University
1x1 Cover of annual report 2021.
Time to go out and get inspired

Nanoscience and nanotechnology are still expanding as drivers for new fundamental understanding as well as for addressing societal challenges. As we return to real-life meetings, we can get back to sharing and creating new ideas in a dynamic way. We will ramp up our networking further after the summer break with more regular meetings in our research areas and with the highlight of our annual meeting, the 11th of October, this year with the title “Materials – building the world”. Learning and discussing new research, products, and ideas has every time given a huge boost of energy.

In the Annual Report for 2021, which just arrived from the print shop, you can see how we are developing and read about some highlights of research, education, innovation, and collaboration.

With this edition of the NanoLund newsletter, we wish all of you a happy summer full of recreation,
Maria Messing, Anneli Löfgren and Anders Mikkelsen, 
for the leadership of NanoLund
Collage and illustration of electronic chip
“Nanoscience and Semiconductor Technology”
becomes LTH profile area
LTH (the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University) now launches profile areas to be able to stronger respond to societal challenges. “We are happy to announce that Nanoscience and Semiconductor Technology is among the first LTH profile areas”, says Anders Mikkelsen, Director for NanoLund.

LTH’s profile areas are intended to be horizontal platforms for research, collaboration, and education and a way to develop LTH’s research and make it visible and concrete. The profile areas include several strong research groups to strengthen the pillars.

1x1 490 scvillage
Donations for equipment
to Nanolab Science Village

We are grateful for valuable donations for equipment to our nanofabrication facility. A donation from the Crafoord Foundation will be used for tools to obtain high-quality films: X-ray diffraction (XRD) for immediate feedback on the atomic scale structure, and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) for deposition of high-quality material.

Another donation from the Olle Engkvists Stiftelse will be used for a scanning electron microscope (SEM) – a tool that is very important for the characterization of all our materials and devices. The aim of both donations is to contribute to new technologies for a sustainable knowledge society.

The Crafoord Foundation has also awarded grants for scientific research to NanoLundians Martin Hjort, Fredrik Johansson, Jan Knudsen, Vinay Swaminathan, and Jonas Tegenfeldt.
1x1 Illustration of free standing metal halide perovskite nanowires.
Free-standing metal halide perovskite nanowires
– one step closer to new, clean energy

For the first time, researchers have succeeded in growing vertically aligned, free-standing metal halide perovskite (MHP) nanowires. This scalable, self-aligned, and lithography-free approach to achieving high-quality free-standing MHP nanowires arrays and heterostructures, offers new possibilities for optoelectronic applications such as solar cells, light-emitting diodes, and X-ray detectors.
493 Aerosollabbet 1x1
New knowledge of airborne virus particles could help hospitals

The risk of exposure to covid-19 virus particles increases the closer you are to a patient, the higher virus levels of the patient, and if ventilation is inadequate.

Measurements of viruses in the hospital air by researchers at NanoLund provide new knowledge on how best to adapt care to reduce the risk of infection. The international guidelines that currently exist in healthcare need revision.

1x1 496 Lukas
Paving the way to the next generation
of solar cells

The first triple-junction photovoltaic nanowires are modeled to have an ideal maximum solar energy harvesting efficiency of 47%. The results pave the way for realizing the next generation of scalable, high-performance, and ultra-high power-to-weight ratio multi-junction, nanowire-based solar cells.

Electron-beam-induced current measurements were used to reveal all subcells simultaneously. Current-voltage characteristics of single nanowires demonstrate almost ideal VOC addition of the subcells, with a measured VOC of up to 2.37 V. Congratulations to the authors Lukas Hrachowina, Yang Chen, Enrique Barrigón Montañés, Reine Wallenberg, and Magnus Borgstrom for these research results towards sustainable energy!

495 Brandro%cc%88k 1x1
Unique project studies fire smoke in detail

We all know that when it burns, it smokes. But what do we really know about the contents of that smoke and how it is affected by different fire processes? Not only that, but how do these smoke particles affect the emergency personnel who are first on the scene? Researchers at NanoLund and LTH, in a unique experiment with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), have conducted measurements to study this smoke in detail during fires in realistic environments.

446 Lucris head

Recent articles from NanoLund researchers
Engaging more than 50 research groups in the faculties of engineering, science, and medicine, NanoLund is a strategic research area funded by the Swedish Government and Sweden’s largest research environment for nanoscience and nanotechnology.

We contribute to societal and sustainability challenges, for example in health and clean energy, using the tools of nanoscience and nanotechnology. To this end, our research topics range from materials science and quantum physics to applications in energy, electronics, photonics, personalized medicine, and nanosafety. In the research portal, our recent scientific articles from NanoLund researchers are found – most recent articles on tops.

1x1 Photo of Sara Blomberg.
Swedish Catalysis Society Berzelius Prize
to NanoLundian

NanoLundian and Assistant professor Sara Blomberg at the Department of Chemical Engineering, Lunds University, was awarded the Swedish Catalysis Society Berzelius Prize at the 19th Nordic Symposium on Catalysis in Esbo stad, Finland.

Sara Blomberg receives the prize for broadening the possibilities to measure processes on the catalytic surface and the gas phase simultaneously. Her research is focused on catalytic processes where she is using in situ and operando X-rays techniques to study the interaction between the catalyst and the reactants on an atomical level. She is designing and studying model systems as well as industrial catalysts and has a particular interest in catalytic processes related to the production of renewables and the conversion of biomass. 
491 ofentseLindau
NanoLundian among the delegates to Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings

The Lindau Nobel Laureate meetings are annually hosting an event where young scientists – students, PhD candidates, and post docs – meet with Nobel Laureates. This year, NanoLundian Ofentse Makgae is one of the Swedish delegates participating.

Ofentse Makgae is a researcher at NanoLund and a postdoctoral research fellow in environmental transmission electron microscopy (ETEM) within the national centre for high-resolution electron microscopy (nCHREM) at the Centre for Analysis and Synthesis (CAS).

“What I look forward to the most about this event, is meeting the Nobel Laureates, networking and forging long-lasting relationships with other brilliant young scientists from across the world”, says Ofentse Makgae.

1x1 500 Ska%cc%88rmavbild 2022 06 21 kl. 09.56.05
Call for WISE faculty recruitments

The Wallenberg Initiative Materials Science for Sustainability (WISE) is the largest-ever investment in materials science in Sweden and will encompass major efforts at seven of Sweden’s foremost universities. Positions in Lund are:

• Assistant Professor in Physics with a focus on the development of materials for a sustainable society

• Assistant Professor in Materials Chemistry/WISE Fellow with a focus on the synthesis of inorganic materials for green energy applications
499 AnnualMeeting2022poster 1x1
Annual Meeting 2022

Friends, collaborators, and associated institutions of NanoLund are all welcome to our Annual Meeting at Scandic Star Hotel in Lund on October 11. The theme is decided: Materials – building the world. Program chairs Maria Messing and Mattias Borg are putting together an exciting program on the topics:

• Quantum materials
• Synthesis and Integration
• Organic and earth-abundant materials

There will also be an update of NanoLund events by director Anders Mikkelsen, presentations of the Seedling projects 2022, and a poster session. NanoLund awards will be presented during the dinner after the meeting. Everything will take place at Scandic Star Hotel in Lund. We hope to see you there!

Euro Nano Forum 2023
The EuroNanoForum
Euro Nano Forum takes place at Malmö Live, June 11–13, 2023. It is a conference of major strategic nature, focusing on identifying policy options and priorities, planning future actions regarding European activities on nanoscience and -technology, advanced materials, innovation, sustainability, circular economy as well as materials and energy sovereignty.

Introduction Event
What is NanoLund? What are the scientific possibilities? What does it mean to be involved in NanoLund? How is it organized? What are the benefits? How can I find collaborators? How can I use equipment in other labs? The introduction meeting on 21 September is open to anyone who has joined NanoLund recently and to those who want to know more.
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