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Three top tips that cut quality issues by 81% in a year
“It’s not the mistake that matters so much, but how you deal with it,” says Patrik Johansson, who is responsible for claim handling at VPG. Patrik applied his three top tips for improving quality when he implemented VPG’s claim control system. The number of claims fell by 81% in just a year.
Patrik’s top three quality tips
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640x640transp Digitalizing our business brings you savings and efficiencies
640x640transp Big data is the key to better customer service and higher product quality. But as My Hoffman, Customer Support Manager, says, “We can only help our customers when we have full control over the data.” That control comes from the new ERP system, which went live in December.
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Final call for spare parts and lift table service
Remember to order your spare parts before the end of the year. And make sure you give your lift tables the care they deserve – it pays in the long run. With our service contracts you can be confident that your positioning equipment is safe and efficient.
Order spare parts and service
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