Safety in the pulp and paper industry. Marco newsletter #1-2020 Web version
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How Andritz and Ahlstrom-Munksjö make the pulp industry safer
One of the most critical phases in the production of paper and similar fiber-based products is when the wet pulp is dried. There is a lot that can go expensively wrong. It is essential to put things right quickly and, more importantly, safely. Fiber products manufacturer Ahlstrom-Munksjö uses Andritz pulp dryers at its plant in Aspabruk, Sweden. They have boosted safety and productivity with new service platforms from VPG.
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New office to improve service
Our new premises in Taunusstein, Germany, are a forward-looking investment. “The modern new office is just what we need to be able to do a better job,” comments Detlev Dörnbrack, Sales Manager. “Customers have better opportunities to visualize our products. And the conference room is a great location for training customers to get the most out of our products.” For convenience and continuity, the new office is located near the old one, and will be staffed by the same experienced team. “We are all keen to make the best use of our new facility,” says Detlev. “Drop in and see us next time you are in the area – you will get a warm welcome.”
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