Increased savings with second generation of MDL-I. Marco newsletter #2-2020 Web version
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417 MDL I 2G Mast driven lift
Increased savings with the second-gen MDL-I
At LogiMAT last year, customers rated our MDL-I mast driven lift as “fantastic”. We are now introducing the second-generation of the MDL-I with increased safety and savings. Improvements include auto-leveling to ±5 mm height to create and maintain precise positioning, and an integrated upper landing gate for increased safety (PLd).
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640x640transp 420 Scissorlift VPG houselift
You need big lifts to move houses
BoKlok is the Skanska/IKEA joint venture that builds affordable, sustainable, and quality homes on the assembly line principle. Moving the structures between levels in the factory demands extra-powerful lifts. The Nivelators being prepared for BoKlok take care of loads up to 30 tonnes, safely and reliably.
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640x640transp Come and meet us
640x640transp LogiMAT is a great opportunity to learn more about our new MO and our other products for improving safety and efficiency. You can explore our Vertical City concept and discuss the new ultra-compact MO lift table with our experts. Contact us anytime for FREE tickets. See you!
Preview of new ultra-compact M0
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