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Ready for another busy day in production
“Today more than ever, society needs efficient and reliable flows of healthcare products, food and goods,” says Håkan Westberg, Production Manager at our Ängelholm factory. “We are here to support you at this challenging time, because we know how important our lift tables are to your efforts.”
As of today, all our factories worldwide are operational. Our support and service teams are also operational and ready to support you, from design and manufacturing to delivery and installation.
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Lifts for the medical sector
Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and supplies use materials handling automation and technologies extensively in their operations. Integrated lifts for conveyor systems, work positioners and mast driven lifts are some examples where our solutions support the industry. Follow the link below, where you can explore all our products and applications used in the industry under Related Information.
Health & medical sector solutions
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640x640transp Food production with stainless steel lift tables
640x640transp The food industry has stringent hygiene requirements covering both people and goods. Furthermore, materials handling equipment must be installed in accordance with safety legislation for both food and mechanical devices. One illuminating application is how the meat packing industry uses our stainless steel lift tables to improve efficiency, hygiene and safety.
Meat packing application
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Engineering expertise on standby to support you
You have to keep your production lines running. Today it is more critical than ever that you have access to the engineering advice you need to hit your targets. We are on standby to support you with everything from design support and safety advice to logistics support and spare parts.
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