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Insights from heavy lifts in the palletizing industry

We asked Håkan Johansson, Sales Manager at leading palletizing provider InterSystem, to give us some insights into palletizing and heavy lifting.

“Vertical positioning is a crucial part of pallet management,” says Håkan. ”We prefer the high quality and reliability of lift tables, because they contribute significantly to the overall quality of our own systems. A customer should always be able to trust a solution from InterSystem, so the choice of new UXB is an easy one.”

What are InterSystem´s customers looking for, in essence? “Availability is paramount – there must be no downtime, otherwise running costs become very high,” he advises. “Also vital for the customer is...”

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The new UXB - tech summary
The muscle power and flexibility of our new UXB table will help you drive material flow and improve factory or warehouse efficiency. Built with top-quality components to ensure reliability and safety, it takes the strain out of heavy lifting, and its robust construction guarantees you decades of trouble-free operation.
Product sheet (.pdf, 2Mb)
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