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206 Working platform lift VPG 3
How to design a working platform that saves time and money
An aging and increasingly overweight work force is challenging many manufacturing and logistics companies. The need for well-designed and ergonomic working platforms is more pressing than ever. A more productive, healthier, and safer workplace has obvious appeal, but the design of the working platforms is crucial. Erik Dahllöf, design engineer at Hymo, explains what to look for in good design for working platforms.
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640x640transp Learn how Lean and ergonomics go together
640x640transp Lean and ergonomics are closely linked. How does that work in eliminating waste in material handling? Learn more from the expert (2 min, YouTube).
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Smart accessories make PalletPal even more flexible 
The new PalletPal spring level loader keeps loads at the right height, making pallet loading quick and easy. A comprehensive portfolio of smart accessories makes it easy to adapt PalletPal for your various operations.
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