New MDL-Industrial. Marco newsletter #1 - 2019
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Sneak preview – our new mast driven goods lift
We are launching our new MDL Industrial at LogiMAT. The new goods lift is fully designed to meet the needs of advanced logistics centers and warehouses. Learn more about the many new cost-saving opportunities such as weld-free assembly for quick and easy installation.
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More efficiency with PalletPal
Our versatile PalletPal spring level loader is the reliable and cost-effective way to improve ergonomics in any distribution center, factory or warehouse. And with no need for a power supply, it is easy to relocate to eliminate any bottleneck. See PalletPal in action in this one-minute video.
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Meet us at LogiMAT!
LogiMAT is a great opportunity to learn more about PalletPal and our other products for improving safety and efficiency. You can explore our visionary Vertical City concept and discuss our new MDL Industrial model with your sales representative.
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