Irish whiskey with bullet-proof safety. Marco newsletter #4 - 2019 Web version
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How Irish whiskey is made with bullet-proof safety
Millions of people enjoy Irish whiskey, neat or in Irish coffee, for example. Those exquisite flavors are the result of distillers’ sensitive palates, and traditional craft skills perfected over centuries. But there is another side to the distillery, one that involves some heavy lifting. Prolift, the VPG distributor in Ireland, has come up with a solution that provides bullet-proof safety along with efficiency gains.
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New Hybrid tables to shorten lead times and improve quality
One of VPG’s latest innovations is the Hybrid platform, which is the result of combining a lean mindset with inspiration from the auto industry. Read more about how the new platform is generating exciting possibilities for lift table customers all over the world.
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640x640transp The PalletPal 360­™ makes loading and unloading pallets faster, safer and easier. This simple, automatic unit uses a system of springs and shock absorbers to lower and raise loads as boxes are added or removed from pallets
How PalletPal works - YouTube, 6min
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