Savings with new MDL-Industrial. Marco newsletter #2 - 2019
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Valuable savings with new MDL – €4000 on installation alone
Our new MDL-Industrial generates valuable lifetime savings compared with a traditional goods lift. A recent study put it at more than €6000, including €4000 on installation alone. Learn more about how our MDL-Industrial can save you time and money.
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Always getting greener
Environmental considerations are an important part of our everyday lives here at Marco. “We are constantly striving to improve all our processes and activities to minimize their environmental impact,” says Pär Martinsson, Purchase manager. Learn more about the conversion to 100% renewable electricity and other environmental initiatives..
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640x640transp Our new website is now an even more useful resource for everyone in the world of vertical positioning. “Our first ambitions were simplicity and a clearer customer focus,” says Henrik Ewetz, Market Communications Manager. “Now we want to become a living resource where we share best practices, new ideas, and innovative solutions.”
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