UTMIS – Utmattningsnätverket i Sverige Webbversion
Welcome to
UTMIS Autumn course
in Södertälje
20-21 November, 2018
Our host will be Scania CV AB and the topic of the course is "Structural Integrity and Service Life Assessment of Airplanes". The lecturer is Tech Lic. Hans Ansell from Saab AB.

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Day 1, 20 November

Presentation of Scania
Lecture 1+2 ,Evolution of life design principles and requirements
Lecture 3+4, Assessment of structural integrity
Lecture 5+6, Operational profiles, Aircraft loads and Design analysis
Activity organized by Scania

Day 2, 21 November

Lecture 7+8, Design analysis – cont.
Lecture 9+10, Design analysis – cont.
Lecture 11+12, Structural testing and Loads and service life monitoring
Lecture 13+14, Sustainment – life extensions, incidents and repairs
End of course

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Course content
The course is based on the principles of an Aircraft Structural Integrity Programme where experiences and case studies are included when appropriate:

Evolution of life design principles and requirements
  • Safety-by-margin
  • Safety-by-design
  • Safety-by-retirement
  • Safety-by-inspection
Assessment of structural integrity
  • Structures and mechanical systems
  • Identification of safety-of-flight structures (primary parts)
  • Probability of failure and associated factors of uncertainty
  • Operational analysis/mission profiles
    • Variability in usage
    • Factors to consider
  • Loads analysis
    • Aircraft loads
    • Load sequence handling
  • Design analysis
    • Design data for predictions
    • Assumed failure scenarios in design
    • Selection of calculation points
    • Design for safe fatigue life
    • Design for damage tolerance
    • Life enhancement procedures
    • Impact of manufacturing processes
    • Establishment of inspections
  • Structural testing
    • Development testing
    • Certification testing
  • Service loads and life monitoring
    • Direct and indirect methods
    • Synthetic events
  • Handling of incidents
  • Case studies of fatigue life significance
  • Service life extensions
  • Structural repairs

The course will be held in English.
Brief bio of Hans Ansell
Hans Ansell has been employed by Saab AB since 1978. He is Technical Fellow since 1998 in structural integrity and specifically in the area of structural fatigue and damage tolerance. Hans has worked with structural integrity issues such as regulations and rules for implementation, development of methods and procedures for sizing and testing of military aircraft such as JAS39 Gripen versions and technology studies of these as well as with unmanned aerial vehicles e.g. UCAV Neuron and civilian aircraft such as Saab 340/2000.
  • Has developed and implemented systems for loads and service life monitoring of Gripen. 
  • Has participated in the majority of life extension programs for J35 Draken, AJ/JA 37 Viggen, SK60 and others and in incident investigations, several service life and accident investigations.
  • Participated as expert in the several of Gripen's export businesses regarding structural integrity issues of the customers.
  • Has been line manager for development of stress and strength methods, material data and load sequence handling and is the area manager for structural analysis at Saab Aeronautics.
  • He is Certification Verification Engineer for approve of structural repairs of Saab340/2000.
  • Has participated in national R&D programs like NFFP and international R&D programs such as EU, Garteur and NATO/AGARD/RTO.
  • Has been Sweden’s national delegate since 2005 in ICAF, the International Commission on Aeronautical Fatigue and Structural Integrity. 
  • Adjunct professor in the area of fatigue and damage resistance since 2015 at Linköping University, Department of Solid Mechanics.
  • Supervisor of Industrial PhD students in the field of structural integrity of hybrid metal and composite structures as well as fatigue properties of additive manufactured aircraft applications.

Practical info
Hotel recommendations:

Quality Hotel Park, 50 rooms, 1 065 SEK per room and night incl. breakfast.
Booking number 003972, credit card guarantee needed, reserved rooms are available until 12 October. The hotel is closer to the location of the conference and the conference dinner is booked here.

Scandic Skogshöjd, 70 rooms, 1 015 SEK per room and night incl. breakfast.
Booking number 46523248, reserved rooms are available until 19 October.

Rooms are available at both hotels for 19 and 20 November.

Conference location:

Marcus Wallenberg-Hallen
Vagnmakarvägen 2
151 32 Södertälje, Sweden

The number of parking lots are limited at the conference location. If possible leave your car at the hotel.

GPS coordinates: WGS 84 (lat, lon): N 59° 10.974′, E 17° 38.254′ WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon): 59.18290, 17.63756 RT90: 6563850, 1604751 SWEREF99 TM: 6563399, 650704

Find Marcus Wallenberg-hall

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2007: Prof. Darrell Socie, USA, Fatigue made easy
2008: Prof. Grzegorz Glinka, USA, Fatigue Design of Welded Structures
2009: Prof. Michael Vormwald, Germany, A short crack growth approach to fatigue assessment
2010: Prof. Dr. Cetin Morris Sonsino, Germany, New Local Concepts for the Design of Welded Joints-Industrial Applications
2011: Prof. David Nowell, UK, Contact Fatigue – Initiation and growth of short cracks in complex stress fields
2012: André Bignonnet, France, Fatigue Load Analysis course
2013: Prof. Jim Newman, USA, Fatigue and Fracture Workshop
2014: Prof. Gunnar Härkegård, Norway, Fatigue analysis of notches, defects and cracks
2015: Prof. Ulrich Krupp, Germany, Very high cycle fatigue and the fatigue limit: significance of microstructurally short fatigue cracks
2016: Prof. Ali Fatemi, USA, Fatigue of materials and applications to design
2017: Dr Thomas Svensson, Sweden, Statistical aspects on fatigue testing - modelling and design

UTMIS är ett ideellt nätverk för företag, institut och universitetsinstitutioner med syfte att inom utmattningsområdet verka för:
 • informations- och kunskapsspridning
 • ökat samarbete
 • kompetenshöjning
 • projekt som utvecklar området
 • att påverka forskningsråd och stiftelser

 En målsättning är att genom att framföra gemensamt formulerade behov, öka satsningen på utmattningsrelaterade områden i första hand på nationell nivå.

 UTMIS arbetar dessutom för ett starkare internationellt samarbete i utmattningsfrågor. Bland annat är styrelsen för UTMIS samtidigt nationell organisation för ESIS (European Structural Integrity Society).

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