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We have the pleasure of inviting you to our instrument workshop:

Surface Analysis and Characterization
28 November 2018

Register today!   Final registration day  14th  November.

A one-day workshop on surface analysis and characterization instruments. During the day you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with ten different techniques. 
During 25 min stops in the Stockholm laboratories of RISE's unit for Bioscience and Materials you will get concise information from our specialists and see the instruments.
 At the end of the day you will have acquired a better understanding of how results from these techniques can be used by your company/organization in research, product and process development and troubleshooting.

Zeta potential - interfacial tension - contact angle - interfacial rheology - wettability - adsorption - desorption - topography - QCM - AFM - ellipsometry - XPS - ESCA - Confocal Raman Microscopy - chemical composition - imaging - surface structure - electron microscopy - tactile friction- Force Board

Who is this workshop intended for?
This workshop is intended for engineers, laboratory personnel and scientists working with research, development or quality control of products for which surface or interfacial properties have a major impact on product performance.

What will this workshop give me?
This workshop will provide an overview of the principle of operation, possibilities and limitations of a wide variety of analytical instruments intended for the characterization of surface and interfacial properties.
Further information and registration >

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These events are organized in Stockholm within the framework of PERFORM - a competence platform in formulation science at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. For further information about the platform go here.

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